Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bedroom TV/Book Wall Plan

bedroom tv book wall plan

I am in need of a change. Who isn't? My bedroom has been in need of some love and this Bedroom TV/Book Wall Plan is going to be my second stop to accomplishing my goal. Like I mentioned before with my son's space, I have been feeling a little cluttered. I think I have gotten a little relax over the months. I mean where did all my organization go? Where have I been? Haven't you been through that, you have something organized and clean but then time goes by and that one thing you placed down turns into a ton of things being placed down and now you are starring at an entire section of clutter? That's what happened... now its time for me to break out of that habit.
Apart from decluttering, organizing and giving my room some space. I want to give my room a more grown up version of me. It think it was time to get rid of the little girl from high school decor and into some thing new, something me but without getting rid of everything I own. How? Where to start? What to do? Well it doesn't help that I share a room with my son so space is far from mine. How to get what I want my room to feel while sharing a room? I thought about it and came up with a plan.
I already decided to start this months before my son was born. I bought one IKEA Lerberg Bookcase way before moving to this apartment. I only needed one at the time. Now last year I decided to buy another one along with this black/brown KULLEN 5 drawer dresser. It was a good thing I bought the bookcase when I did because I no longer can find it in the IKEA Store. The rest of the items are still at IKEA. The only thing you wont find, is a TV to buy. You can sit in the showrooms and pretend to watch TV but that is as far as it goes. I bought my TV at Walmart a long time ago and it still looks like new.

Now you make be wondering why you see an BEKVAM spice rack on my plan. Well, I saw many use this product as book holder, a nail polish shelf and more but what I want to do with it is completely different from the rest. I want to flip this spice rack upside down. Huh? Why would I do that? You may ask. Well I am using it as my TV stand. What? Yes, When I saw this I said this would work perfectly as my TV stand. A little this and a little that and I will have everything done.

I needed this area to have a great visual. You know, not look like a hot mess landed in this space. Lately it felt like that. Since I have the bookcases and dresser, all I needed was the very affordable spice rack. I can't wait to see how everything looks with me redecorating and styling it. Let see how one spice rack can change this whole TV/ Book Wall section. Can't wait to show you the reveal this week.

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  1. OK! I'm ready! Show me the reveal!!! Too bad you don't get paid for all the advertising you do for IKEA!!!! Dona

    1. I know I can't wait to show the reveal. I wish I could get paid too, that would be awesome but payment or not I am still happy sharing my love for their products.

  2. Hi there! I hope your having a great day! I just wanted to stop by and let you know I featured you this week! I love this set by the way. All of the pieces just fit together, my bedroom needs a redo, hah.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie for featuring me and I am happy that you like my set up. Hope you come back to see my reveal.


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