Monday, November 3, 2014

Ikea Hack: From Bookcase to Custom Closet Part 2 Reveal

  ikea hack bookcase to custom closet

I am so excited to show you the reveal of my very first Ikea Hack. This, from bookcase to custom closet project was so much fun to come up with and to shop for. Any excuse to go to Ikea will always bring a smile to my face. (except on the weekends... way to much of a crowd, barely space to walk around and don't get me started on the parking.) But all the building process is done! You can check out the making of this custom closet in my Ikea Hack Part 1 post. Now, I get to show you this custom closet with everything in it.

First, I had to take out the second shelf. With the second shelf gone, it will allow the clothes to hang properly and not fold or crinkle at the bottom. Plus where the shelf Don't worry I will be using this shelve soon.

I love the way it turned out. I was struggling for a second. Originally I wanted the drawers to go underneath the hanging sections but the clothes that were hanging ended up inside the drawers. It wasn't what I was imagining so I had to make a few changes.

These colorful hangers are also from Ikea. You can get BAGIS children coat hangers which are a pack of 8 for $1.99. Great deal! I mistakenly thought it was in the organizing section but it was in the children's section of Ikea.

The top shelf is for my son things like socks, ties, hats, soaps and creams, laundry soap and extra baby products I have. I was going to put pull ups in one of the baskets but realize that it would soon be annoying to have to stand on my tippy toes just to get a pull up over and over throughout the day.

I decided to place a few blankets in this section so that the space underneath was not so empty. Also, since my original layout did not work out, these blankets needed a new home.

I knew that I wanted a cloth drawer with a handle like the one I had previously. I looked for it at Ikea but they did not have what I was looking for. Then I remembered that they have these drawers at Dollarama. I felt so dumb, all this time searching for it and it was right at my favorite store. 

So, I went and bought four it in my colour and only $2.00 each.

Oh, but don't think that I forgot about that shelf that I took down. You can now find this shelf used for the shoe section. My son loves shoes. The word 'shoes' are on the list of words he can say. As soon as you say it, he goes and gets a pair of his shoes. If you, don't have your shoes on too then he will bring yours to you where ever you are in the home. What a gentleman!

The shelf as a slide out for the shoes was a added part to my closet layout. I would have to move the shoes over to see the ones in the back row. Also, I was wondering what I was going to do with this extra shelf that I took down. I could not add anymore the side of my bed because it is starting to look like an Ikea store. Having it as a slide out works perfectly.

Lastly, was the toy section. My son loves cars just as much as shoes. My bed and room was starting to look like a parking lot so it was time to FINALLY get him a toy box. Which I also bought from IKEA. I will tell you more about this product later on this week.

That is it so far. My grand reveal of this bookcase transformation. One thing checked off my list and my room feels a lot bigger. Woohoo!

I mean check out the before and after. Completely night and day. 

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  1. What an interesting and creative idea! I would have never thought of something like this. Good job!

  2. So many creative ideas in one spot! Looks great and very organized. The toy box is intriguing, too.

  3. Very creative. Gives me some great ideas on how to think outside the box and in different ways.

  4. You did an awesome job creating a closet for your son. I bet it makes your life a little bit easier. I wish we had an Ikea.

    1. Thank you Trish, it sure does make things a lot easier. It is too bad that you do not have a IKEA. Hopefully you will soon.

  5. I definitely need to do this. You should see our closets! Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you join us again this week.

    1. Your welcome Sherry! Have fun organizing your closets.


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