Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year Review

2014 blog review

2014 where has the time gone? Can't believe yet another year has past and I am in my second year of blogging. I feel like the months, days and overall time are speeding past me. Are you excited for a new year? Got your goals set and ready to pop the bubbly? I am excited and ready to see what this new year brings me. My son turned two a few days ago so that alone is going to bring me many memories to fill my calendars. I am mostly happy that I no longer have to tell people how many months my son is anymore. He is two, not something months but two. I don't have to count months anymore. Woohoo! As the months go down from December to April everyone in this household is going to turn a year older. Which means I have a new list of ages to remember again. Before, we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 let's take a look back to this year.

Goals are something we all make at this time that we tend to list over and over again, year after year. You hear of goals to lose weight or go to the finally go to the gym or achieve something in your life. My goals have always been the same, 1. Tighten Abs. I can't remember the rest of that list but abs were always a part of it. Now that I am a mom and life for me has changed since then my goals change along with it.

More Fun, Less Work
That doesn't sound like at all these days. I am constantly in this determine to achieve my dreams mode that I have been working too hard and not really taking a moment to have fun doing something. I love my home, spend way too much time in it excluding having to pick up and drop off my siblings and don't really take the time to have real fun. Not watching movies or TV shows or crafting, which yes, all includes me being home but taking the time to find something to do outside. It doesn't have to cost  a lot of money (something that I use as an excuse to stay home) It can be free events going on around the city or simply sitting down at the mall drinking a Booster Juice.

Make Money.
Who doesn't want to make money? I am not asking to be a millionaire or billionaire, I just want a job that doesn't take me away from taking care of my son and something that I love doing. Sound picky, I know but wouldn't it be nice to do something you love with the added bonus of actually getting paid for it. Okay, so I would do it for free but having a son who needs things like food and such I no longer can so such a thing. So if it's blogging, publishing my novel, inventing something amazing, running my own company or settling with a regular part time job it has to make me money.

Take a Risk.
This doesn't mean risking my life, there will be no jumping out of a plane for me. I mean take a risk like do something that is completely out of my comfort zone. I have been holding back, not really doing stuff out of my comfort zone because I am a perfectionist and the perfectionist inside my likes to look a certain way even if I am a parent. I think way too much of what and how the world looks at me instead of only caring of how I look at myself. I can't teach my son as he grows to get out of his comfort zone with I won't do it myself. You can't really enjoy yourself if you're always inside of a bubble. It is time to pop it and really live.

Be Happy.
The lyrics, 'Don't worry, Be Happy' works for this goal. I worry way to much and dwelling on all the things that are not happening for me is causing me to be very unhappy. I need to let go, I can't plan every aspect of my life as much as I wish I could. Things don't always turn out the way it is supposed to but the changes in life can end up being the best things in life. It can always give your life a new direction or course to follow. If I hadn't had my son, I most likely would have not found my new love of blogging or have finished my novel. Stressing on tomorrow or the month ahead or what am I going to do when things that run in my mind is only making me unhappy but focusing on the present and right now as well as really enjoying the day what I should be focusing on.

Tighten My Abs.
I had to put it down or my goals would not be finished. Until this goal is fully accomplished, I refuse to take it off my list.

2014 has been a rather interesting year. I had my highs and lows in life and in my blog world. Kept increasing my blog knowledge, worked with some great companies and found some truly amazing blogs as well as bloggers. It has been so much fun sharing all my blog joys with you all. Thank you for continually visiting City of Creative Dreams.

Now it is your turn to share with me, what are your goals for the new year?  

I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi, follow me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram page or even subscribe. I will do the same! Have a wonderfully creative week!

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