Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Top Bunk Makeover Plan

bunk bed makeover plan

There is a few spots of my siblings room that are in need of some organizing so I decided to re-take the challenge but one section at a time. This remaining month I am going to focus on the top bunk of the bunk bed where my little sister sleeps. She is the artist one in the family and as much as I love art. We are all getting tired of the luggage that comes with being a artist, you know, the many crayons, bits of paper, glue and huge projects that take up space in the small apartment that we have. If she had her own room things would be a lot easier but since we can't build one in the apartment we have to make do with what we do have and she has her very own top bunk.

We own the MYDAL bunk bed already from Ikea. What I want to do is add this LINNMON table top that to the side of her bed as a desk where so that she can have her own space to do all the crafty things she already does. It also works that is at the top bunk because my son can't reach it and won't be damaging anything of hers and won't be able to reach the crayons and makers too. My mom always says "Put it up if you don't want him/her to touch your things". I been hearing that forever and now that I have a child I been saying the same thing myself. It makes sense. 

Underneath the desk I will be using the BEKVAM spice racks as book shelf. I been hiding their books in the soft storage holders for a while now and think that it is time to have the books resurface now that I have a real spot for them. I thought it was a genius idea to use the spice racks and wanted to do the same for my siblings room since I have some extra spice racks. Not sure if I want to spray paint it or anything yet since it matches the bunk bed but when I finish the bottom bunk I completely I will decide then but for now it will stay the same. Lastly I want to add this APA Storage Box as a toy truck, I saw it at Ikea a long time ago but online it is saying its not at any stores. Fingers crossed that its in the 'As Is' section or I will be leaving the storage boxes there as is.

I bought these LILL white lace curtains to go up. We tried the curtain idea before by using a rod but the curtain always found a way to fall down. Could have been one of my siblings accidentally rubbing against it or the curtain did not like the view from their window, either way, curtains did not like it in there. Now, it will all change. I am bring curtains back (in case you were thinking about it. I was thinking about the song Bringing Sexy Back By Justin Timberlake at this moment.) I have an idea to of using this LILL Lace Curtains with these colorful LOSJON hanger.

Yes I know majority of the things I want is from IKEA, at this rate I should apply for a job over there. I saw these new kids bedding from them and thought the black SUDDIG duvet cover and pillowcases were very nice with the added color. Lastly I wanted to make a crib bumper except for the fact that I am not doing one for a crib but for a bunk bed. Right now my sister is using a ton of pillows I thought a bunk bed cozy would do the trick.

I have a ton to do heading up to the reveal. Its so much fun! Stay tune for the reveal and projects that I am working on along the way.

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