Natural Energy Boosting Molasses Drink

natural energy boosting molasses drink

Everyone has their morning routines mine comes with a cup of blackstrap molasses. Yes, you hear that right. Let me say this right, I don’t drink a whole cup of blackstrap molasses but it does make an appearance on a spoon.

Mornings are not my favorite but we all have to get up for many reasons, dropping the kids or going to work. One of the most common things everyone does (other than showering and eating breakfast) is making coffee, buying coffee or having someone bring you a cup of coffee. I personally don’t drink coffee, never liked the smell or liked the taste. Smoothies are more my thing but there is something I have started doing recently to build my body up in a healthy way and give me the energy that I so need.

It was suggested to me from my mom when I was pregnant with my son because I was so tired and drained. So she told me to have molasses to build my iron up and give me a body boost since I was tired all the time but of course, you don’t have to only have it then its great for anyone who needs energy and let’s face it, who doesn’t need energy? It is easy as putting chocolate syrup into a glass of milk. Skip the chocolate and replace that with molasses. Stop groaning at the thought, it doesn’t taste bad. I would say it tastes similar to an ice coffee but try it before you judge.

Organic Blackstrap Molasses

First you will need milk, (optional of course) For this quick recipe I will be using milk but you can use any form milk. I even hear people put this in their coffees.

Pour the milk into a glass.
Next you will need blackstrap molasses. I bought mine from the health food store for around $6.50. There is one that is used for baking but I have been told you don’t get all the nutrients needed compared to the type I am using.

Get a large spoon or use a tablespoon and pour the molasses into it. Then place the spoonful of molasses into a glass of milk and stir.

The molasses will start making the milk a light brown color. 

Stir until it dissolves off the spoon.

Now you can drink!

What is so good about blackstrap molasses? This dark syrup that comes from sugar cane and it is known for having iron. You can also find other nutrients like copper, calcium, manganes, selenium, magnesium, and B6. I have researched and found out that molasses have cured things of menstrual cramping, cancerous tumors, anxiety, constipation, joint pain, acne, gray hair, make skin softener and so much more.

You can also give this to kids as well. They might now take it from a spoon (I know I wouldn’t) but if they think its chocolate milk then they would totally drink it. My little brother drinks it in the mornings because he is always, always, always falling asleep (in the car, on the couch, sleeping upright, he may or may not have slept in class lol) and he drinks it knowing that it is not chocolate syrup. If a child (knowing how kids can be very picky) can drink it then you should be able to drink it with no problems. Why not boost your body with some natural energy and give yourself a healthy super boost.


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  1. Great idea! I would never have thought of this natural way to get iron. I don't mind molasses in baked goods. We'll see about drinking it! Pinned! I'm over from Sincerely Paula.

    1. Lol its not so bad really Kathryn, I don't think I could have a spoonful but drinking it is a piece of cake. If my younger brother can drink it anyone can.

  2. That's cool, I never knew it could energize you. My BF makes a "tea" with it by adding vanilla soymilk and lemon juice to hot water.

    1. That's a interesting combination. Wonder how that tastes.

  3. I saw the movie a couple months ago and decided to incorporate green smoothies into my usual diet. But, I could not find what the best Green drink to use is. Can anybody suggest me?

  4. This looks fabulously healthy. Thank you so much for sharing it in our linky party at I will feature you this Saturday! Rose

  5. I love molasses! And you're right–it does taste like coffee. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you join us again this week.

    1. Oh good I am happy that you like this post Sherry! See you next week!

  6. I bet this is so tasty and filling. Thanks for sharing with us a the Home Matters linky party. We hope you join us again!

    1. It is tasty Zan, you should try it.! See you at the next party 🙂

  7. Molasses is not my favorite but I am going to give this a try. I definitely need to build up my energy. Thank you so much for sharin

    1. Neither was I at first but it sure helps a ton.

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