Thursday, February 19, 2015

Safety 1st Fridge Latch

I bought this Safety 1st Fridge Latch for around $7.00-$8.00 at Shoppers Drug Mart. My son is at the age that he is starting to open the fridge without an adult present and taking things out such as eggs or the plastic juice jug (yeah, I was amazed too) I swear in a blink he could be capable of  taking everything out of the fridge. Never underestimate what toddlers or kids are capable of doing when they are curious or just in need of something.

It comes folded up. 

From what I can see there was only one colour choice. 

It has a button to latch and unlatch. 

Each end as a sticky side to place on the fridge. 

It it very rare for me to say something negative about a product but for once something I bought did not work the way it was suppose to. I really believe that this product would help with the concept but it did not last long in my household. The sticky sides didn't stay stuck to the fridge. At one point my son actually brought it to me. There must be another way to keep this up on the fridge but until then I will have to hire a stand in body guard.

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  1. That is neat to have. Found you today via the Product Review Party! So glad I did.

    1. Thank so stopping by Suzie, I hope you continue to come by :)

  2. That sucks that the latch didn't last. It probably wouldn't last when my daughters were babies too. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I know it was a nice idea but it obviously wasn't tested very good.


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