Shopping Finds From Orfus Road

Shopping Finds from Orfus Road

I went shopping yesterday at Orfus Road. I was very exited to find this jacket I fell in love with a few weeks back but it wasn’t there sadly. I should have gotten it the day I saw it. It was a short jacket that doesn’t close and base had two fake zippers on the sides and its was only $7.50 at Sirens Outlet but we were in a rush so I said I would come back and get it. Never will I make such a horrible decision again. Even though not finding that amazing jacket put a slight damper to my day I bought some clothing to make up for it.

First stop, we went to Fairweather. I wasn’t planning on buying anything there because I didn’t really see much there for me until I saw this shirt Grey New York Long Sleeve Shirt and saw how cute it was with the words ‘City of Dreams’ on it…. hint hint… for $15.00. The entire store was 80% off I believe. Then, my aunt found this Black and White Striped Dress for $10.00 that she thought would be perfect on me. I honestly was hesitate because I am a simple girl who don’t normally wear such prints. However when I tried it on, I was all wrong, it looked great on me. In total, I paid nothing for this set because my aunt bought it for me. My total was FREE!

Next we went to Sirens Outlet, the same one that I saw the jacket I wanted and the whole store back was nearly empty. I was told that they were moving or closing down so this Saturday was the last day here. Don’t worry all my Orfus Road shoppers, there is two on this street so you can still get your Sirens wear.  Anyways, the sales here is amazing…amazing…amazing! The Black Short Jacket cost $5.00, I found it in the sample section. The Black and Blue Long Sleeve Shirt originally cost $12.50 but was on sale for $2.50. Lastly I bought this White Long Sleeve with the Gold originally cost $15.00 but was on sale for $3.00. In total this purchase costs only cost me $11.87 with taxes.

Last stop was Stitches, I normally love this store. Lately I haven’t been loving what I seen and this store deal was a little different from what I am used to, it wasn’t your average 50% or 80% off kind of sale. The sale is buy one and get the 2nd for $1.00. The Grey Hooded Jacket and Black Leggings both cost $10.00 but since the deal is to buy one and get the 2nd for $1.00… I only had to pay a $1.00 for the leggings. In total this purchase cost me only $12.43 with taxes. 

I have to say this shopping trip turned out great. I spent in total $24.30 WooHoo! 

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  1. Hey Shanice, Love the dress! & all the fashions. Hope your having a great week! Shared…Thanks for sharing at the party @DearCreatives Hope to see you again this week!

    1. Thank you Theresa, yeah the dress is pretty nice 🙂

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