Thursday, March 26, 2015

Flash Sale On Honest Spring Essentials

I know that it can be hard to clean with natural products for a couple reasons, it might be expensive or you don't want to order or it may not be at your local store but cleaning with natural products helps you in more ways than one. The main thing is that your are not breathing in chemicals when you clean. Think about it, some of us have to clean on the regular because of messes throughout the day from children to pets to adults and each time you pick up a more affordable, more convenient bottle of chemical products you and your family have to breath it in no matter if you open the window or not. That is a lot going into your lungs and body daily. Try making a change this year.

If you haven't done your spring cleaning yet, searching for a eco-friendly all natural cleaning product or just in search of a great sale then look no further than the Honest Company. I don't have to tell you twice about how much I love love love love love their products, my product reviews on their products pretty much tells it all. I am not the only one though, in fact, many of my readers love the Honest Company products just as much as I do, that is why I am sharing with you an awesome deal that you can add to your cart when you order from Honest this week. Yes, that is right, I am giving you my favourite readers a saving code for your next purchase!


FLASH SALE - 25% OFF SITEWIDE* ON HONEST.COM! CODE: SHOP25OFF Valid for shop orders only (excludes bundles and gear & more items) May only be used once per user. Min $25 order. Ends 3/27.

 *Offer valid for purchase at from March 26, 2015 12:00am PST through March 27, 2015 11:59pm PST. This offer is valid for shop orders only (excludes bundles and gear and more items). $25 minimum order amount. May only be used once per user. Terms of offer are subject to change.

I challenge you to replace your chemical cleaning products this spring cleaning with an all natural cleaning product. It can be one you make from a recipe off a blog or website or buy one at the store or you can order one online (like for example taking total advantage of this awesome deal... hint... hint...) As long as you clean green this year. Happy cleaning!

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