Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How To Go Paperless - 3 Ultimate Methods For Anyone

how to go paperless

I have to admit that I find myself a lot more on my devices than anything. You might be the same, on the computer, on your tablet or iPad, laptop, cell phones and even added the TV on (I say that as I am doing that exact thing as we speak.) We can't help it because it is there, always accessible, easy to navigate (most of the time) but always around us. It helps us travel with our work, watch shows on the go and most importantly occupy the kids for a moment of peace and quiet.

I am always amazed by technology and knowing how to do things as well as being up to date on this tech world of ours has its pros and cons. The cons mainly of being the go-to person all the time for simple things like How do I scan? or How do I do a screen shot on the computer? which always tend to end in Can you do it for me? 

Since I used to use paper a lot for my writing and even when I used to go to school. I notice it has been sitting on my shelve collecting dust, stored in binders, filled in folders and ultimately taking up space. Solution? Scan. Scan, Scan and File only the important. As much as everyone says you should scan every single piece of paper you ever owned, you can't always do that because some companies want the original document of things and not the one you printed off your computer this why I want to show how we do it.

I will show you three options of how you can go paperless. Scan to Computer- where you can set up files on your computer, Scan to Program- where you can scan and organize on programs like Evernote and Scan to USB- where you can place all the documents you scanned onto on USB stick.


You will need a scanner (pretty sure you figured that by now), a computer (obviously) and if you want you can download a specialized program like Evernote or buy a USB from the store. 

When buying a scanner, you need to go with one best for you. If that is the most expensive, or best reviewed or brand new or best one on sale then buy it. I am no scanner expert but I like products that are practical and multi-functional or all in one. I know not everyone is like that but, however, I am so the scanner I use is our Canon printer. It is a scanner, printer and fax all in one. It works in a family that would need to do all these things plus it has the added benefit of not taking up too much room. Of course, there are other types such as portable scanners and buying scanners separate

Your computer or laptop should be fine as long as it is still in this generation of things. If you still using floppy disks (oh how I remember those days lol) then you may want to buy a computer or laptop closer to this tech time. I use an HP laptop and my mom has a desktop computer. 

If you want to try scanning and organizing your documents onto the a USB then you are going to need a USB. I bought my stylish USB from Walmart. There are different storage sizes (GB - gigabyte) so you will need to pick one that will fit all of your stuff. You don't have to buy one fancy looking one or one in the shape of Sponge Bob or Captain America but it is always fun to get one that matches your style.  


This system I use for my mom. She likes to have everything right there and in front of her. She doesn't rely on her tablet or phone for her things. If she needs anything it will be on her computer, in organized files. I sometimes use this method with stuff I use often or only using for a short time.

Using this method can have a disadvantage when it comes to wanting to access some document while you are out for the day or even on vacation unless it is on a laptop  but not everyone choose to have only a laptop as their main source.


I don't personally use this method but it had been a trend. Everyone these days want their devices to sync with one another. I don't personally need that but it comes in handy for ones who work on the go and need access to their things all the time such a business people but anyone really can benefit from having their stuff accessible from their computer, tablet, iPad, laptop to their phone.  If this is you, then you would love having a program like Evernote

For those who do not know much about Evernote, it is a very popular program that allows you to do exactly what I mentioned. If you need something quick you can access and find it on your phone or tablet. Sure makes life a little easier. 


I personally scan to my USB. It is simple and done quickly. I like that I can bring my USB to any computer and access it. I can also plug it into my printer and print. You can organize your USB just like you would with files on your computer. I use this method to clear the storage number on my computer. I don't know if you know this but too much computer files and documents can cause your computer to go slow which is why I use this method.

Of course, with this method there comes challenges like fear of it breaking or getting damaged and the disadvantage of not being able to use it everywhere such as my phone or tablet or iPad. However, this system still works for me.

Regardless of what method you choose to use, you are decluttering your space by getting rid of those papers you have been collecting for decades in your offices, bookshelves, desks, and folders. I love going paperless because I am on my computer (more hours than I realize) anyways so why not have organized folders on my USB or folder on my computer instead of having to dig through endless of papers in a traditional folder. Saves so much time and so much paper.

Give it a try or tell me how you go paperless in your home!

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  1. While we don't want to go completely paperless, we have done so to a great extent. We scan documents, use the USB and have opted out of paper bills from utility companies. When we reflect back on how much paper our society has 'wasted' through the years, it is amazing! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. I hope to see you at the new party beginning tonight.

    1. It is amazing and so easy to collect amounts of unnecessary papers around the house. I am like you Shirley, on that I don't want to go completely paperless but have a system to sheds some of that paper clutter. Great job on opting out on the paper bills.

  2. I have that same printer, but only use the copier function. I will look into scanner software to work with my mac. I have switched many documents to paperless function, however , I would be interested in how you file and organize them on your computer. I really want to streamline my technology. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Thank you Delloraine, I would love to show you have I file and organize my things on my computer. I will surely do a post about that.

  3. What a great post, this has got me thinking!! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing this on Making Memories Mondays!! I am so glad that you came!

    1. Aww thank you, Cathy! I am glad that this post inspired you!


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