Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starter Story - How I Made A Share Rental Home

compass Starter Stories Series

Recently Compass invited me to participate in their Starter Stories Series. If you don't know who Compass is let me catch you up to speed on who they are. Compass is a new real estate service that helps people find the perfect neighborhood with their platform for finding NYC apartments. Their goal is to find the best match based entirely on your interest and personality as well as giving you a friendly and personable real estate experience. I think this idea is genius! I hope that this expands and they can do this for people like me over here in Toronto Canada.

I may not actually have a starter home... I have started in many and have always made it my own even though I knew that each home was always temporary. Home-wise, I have moved about 13 times and before you ask, no I do not live in a military household. Our family just seems to like to move (more my mom than me).

Since I share my rental apartment with my mom, three younger siblings and toddler son, it may seem hard to make a home my own when I am sharing with five other people but somehow, no matter where we are I design it and make it my own. We lived in this apartment for about three years. We moved from a very spacious four bedroom townhouse with a basement to a three bedroom apartment so we had major downsizing to do. Then about a year or two in we now had a new addition to the family and my room went from just mine to me sharing with my son.

I made it work. Take my room, for example, I just finished my desk area and gave it a great makeover. It's more of my style now compared to how it was before. Sometimes it is the simplest things that help to make a space your own. My bed was in need of a change as well so creating a duvet out of curtains happened to work well for me and it gives my bed a refreshing style. 

Another thing I like to do is using furniture that can be used in multiple ways such as my entertainment/ storage wall. I have shelf space, dresser space, and TV space. But my favorite section would have to be my son side of the room. He has his own customized closet where I transformed an Ikea bookcase into a closet which is conveniently next to his big boy bed (that is the crib that converts into a toddler bed). Of course, I still need a little space so I made sure to have a small space for my makeup and collage mirror.

Apart from my bedroom. I also found other ways to help make this rental apartment feel like home. I know that sharing a room can be hard and for my little sister she shares her with my other two siblings. Yet I designed a great plan for her to get everything she needs on the top bunk of her bed and providing her the ultimate Top Bunk Makeover. An artistic girl like her now has her own private desk for her crafts and also has a hanging Barbie Storage for when she wants to play.

So although I may not have bought my place, I still made it my own even if it is only temporary.

*This post is inspired by Compass and contains non-affiliate links. Opinions are 100% my own. For more information, see my disclosures page.*

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  1. I was heading over to your post on spring cleaning and saw this, so I stopped and read it. Imagine my surprise to see that you live in Canada! For some reason, maybe through your Wordless Wednesday pictures, I had the idea you lived in Chicago! Duh-me, huh? How cool! Canada! Were you born there? Do you have an British or French? I think there are 3 other blogs I follow that are in Canada. Anyway, great post! Now I'm off to read your cleaning post. Dona

    1. I guess I forgot to mention that on my about page. Yup I am Canadian... born and raised! I was born in Vancouver and moved around a lot in canada and now we live in Toronto. I don't have accent. I wish i had a really cool British accent but I don't and no french either :( I don't even know any french at all.

  2. Great read. I enjoy your posts very much. Thank you for sharing. I like your "make it work" attitude!

    1. Thank you Laurie, I am so happy that you enjoyed my post, it was fun to make :)


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