Value Village Kids – April Edition

value village clothing

It is spring time which means it is time to ditch those long sleeves and start wearing some short sleeve shirts. My son is growing (something I wish he would not do because I want him to be little and small forever) and his shirts unfortunately are getting small as he grows. As much as his drawer for long sleeve shirts seem to be overflowing, his short sleeves and shoes that fit him however has been lacking. It was clearly time for me to go shopping. I actually went shopping for these last month while I was sick.

Value Village (my favourite one) is under construction for a while in other words means months and months and months of abandonment which now leaves me with finding another awesome one. I chose a store that was brand new. The selection for kids clothes for my son was very limited however I walked out with most of what they had.

First row: Dino Shirt- $1.49 / Yellow Cars Shirt – $1.99 
Second row: H&M Batman Shirt – $1.49 / Mickey Mouse Shirt – $1.49
Third row: White Brown Stripe Shirt -$1.99 / Blue Palm Safari -$1.99

First row: Batman Shirt -$1.49 / Surf Shirt -$1.49
Second row: Cars Shirt -$1.99 / Blue Long Sleeve -$1.99
Third row: Bubble Guppies Shirt -$1.99 / Grey Shirt -$1.49

Cars Robe – $4.99

First row: Blue and Grey Shoes -$6.99 / Grey and Orange Shoes -$5.99
Second row: Brown Sandals -$5.99 / Joe Fresh Brown Shoes -$5.99

This shopping trip went very well even though the selection was very small. I spent only a little over $50.00 which is amazing for the amount I bought compared to if I had bought this amount at the mall. My son loves his new shirts, robe and shoes so I have to say I accomplished my job!

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6 Replies to “Value Village Kids – April Edition”

  1. You are SO smart to shop for kids clothes there!! I do a lot of shopping at Savers, here in AZ, which is connected to Value Village, I found out! I went to a VV 2 different Thursdays and they were having the 1/2 price on everything if you use your VV card. Well, I thought I didn't have one…and you can't get them on that day. Later I was looking at my Savers card and noticed it's good a VV too! Silly me. Well, I learned and I'm glad that you found such good buys. You can't even get that good of a deal at Wal Mart!! Do you have WalMart up there?? Dona

    1. Wow you can get 1/2 everything that is super cool! Yes we have a Walmart here… it is one of my favourite stores.

  2. Great job! I usually find great deals on sweaters for my girls at Unique (owned by Value Village) down here in the DC area. I haven't bought as many used clothes for them now that they're in size 10/12 because I can do really well with coupon codes/free shipping online. But I do resell their clothes at a consignment sale to recoup the cost.

    1. That's a good idea Gina, I never thought about doing a resell of clothes before. I will have to look into that for where I live.

  3. Wow. you are an amazing shopper. What great prices! Thank you so much for linking up at SHARE IT sunday linky party at I love your contributions each week. Always something new going on! Till soon ~ Rose PINNED!

    1. Thank you Rose! I love a good deal!

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