Easily Improve Your Hand-me-down Baby Gift

Easily Improve Hand-Me-Down Baby Gift

Hand-Me-Downs doesn’t always sound appealing however some moms (not all) never turn a cheek to getting hand me down baby clothes from friends and family or friends of friends and family (I hope that made sense). Honestly I wasn’t always keen on getting hand me downs because I wanted to have a hand in buying my son clothes. Due to not having a ton of money I didn’t have the luxury. However doing so has saved me a ton of money in the long hall. Now I am in the position to giveaway my son’s clothing, shoes and things he outgrown to my friends.

When you recycle or donate or giveaway our children clothes, what do we typically do? Throw them into a box or garbage bag and hull them over in your car or have someone pick them up? Yeah that sounds about right. Well I thought of a way to perk up your gift of giving with one simple object… a hamper bag. You may do this already but I think this idea is ten times better than using a box or plastic garbage bag because it is eco friendly.

Here is what I do. I buy a hamper bag which is $3.00 at my Dollarama. This one has cute saying on it. You can design it to have cute saying on it with iron on letters or use your Sihouette and create custom ones saying things like, To My New Nephew Love Your Awesome Aunty or From One Mom to Another.

Mine say ‘Lights & Darks

Then you simply add your clothing or items inside. 
Pull the strings close.

It is a cute way to turn something old into a neat gift towards the one your are giving the things to. Makes a great gift bag at baby showers too (also makes it look like your gift is bigger than everyone else lol)

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4 Replies to “Easily Improve Your Hand-me-down Baby Gift”

  1. Cute idea! I, personally, loved having hand me downs. My husband and I were desperatly trying to save for a house and we were lucky enough to have multiple friends and family members give us nice clothes. In fact, I didn't have to purchase anything for my son, except socks, for 3 years. Babies grow so fast that I cannot even imagine the amount of money we saved. Unfortunately, most of the clothes didn't survive the second round but I like your idea to dress up the hand-me-downs.

    1. Wow Rachel that must have helped out for saving for your house. I was the same with my friends and family. If there was little of something like long sleeves in a certain size I would go to value village and get it. Overall I didn't have to pay for much of anything.

  2. Great post! Children outgrow clothing so fast, hand-me-downs are great. We bought my niece so many dresses that most of the "hand-me-downs" my sister gave away were actually never even worn! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday link party. I shared your post on Twitter. Hope to see you again next week!

    1. Thank you Ash, I agree that kids out grow clothing quickly.

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