ONCE a musical: A fascinating, heart catching, unique show

once the musical toronto

I have been dying to see this play ONCE (a musical) ever since I saw the commercial for it on TV. There is something about the song ‘Falling Slowly’ that they sing in that commercial that has been captivating my desire to see this for weeks. Does it have 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical? Yes! Is it the winner of 2013’s Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album? YES! But best of all… it is a love story!

As you can tell, I haven`t seen a play in a very long time (since 2012) and that is way too long if you ask me. I need some music, dance and an awesome script. So this month I have accomplished just that. Last month I booked my ticket to see this play this past Tuesday night and I am so glad that I get show you how my night went.

I took the subway to Dundas Street (toronto’s version of time square) Protesters came down the street but everyone was too focus on the set. There was tons of people awaiting for a chance to see any actors from the new movie Suicide Squad. Will Smith is in it and a bunch of other people. I didn’t see him or anything other than really cool cars. If you want to see those pictures, you are going to have to see it on my Instagram account.

When you first get inside you notice that there are audience members socializing on the stage, getting drinks and taking selfies which is completely awesome and unique. Its not everyday we get to go onto a production stage right before the show starts and the best part is that everyone was allowed to go up and be on the stage.

The stage is filled with wood panels, mirrors, bar and many instruments from piano, violin to guitar and cello and more. You can feel the instruments awaiting for actors to come out and play these instruments to death and that they are living every instruments dream right now lol.

There was a confusing part tho, the ushers tells us not to use the cameras when the actors comes out which is normal however the actors came out and no one had a clue because there were tons of people were still on stage socializing. The actors came on dancing, singing and having a full on small performance while audience members were still being shown to their seats and taking selfies on stage. It was a fantastic beginning of the show performance but it would have been nice to at least been told that actors were on stage (that way I could have put my phone away without having a usher tell me to)
As for the play in general… it was… drum roll please… beyond FANTASTIC! The ending was smart. The music was catchy, the transition of the scenes were so creative. I love the way they set up the cast on stage and how the set is created and designed. You could see how hard they were playing those violins because you can see the strings break. I am in love with this funny, charming script! 
Five stars from me! 

If you don’t believe me that this play is beyond amazing then check out the commercial that captured my heart. Okay so it is not the exact version but at least you get to know what I am talking about. Enjoy!
and for the song that I am obsessed over…

Go See It!

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