Thursday, June 25, 2015

4 New Wedding Trends of 2015

New Wedding Trends of 2015

Wedding trends can change on a dime, one minute you loving the "not so random" dance routine the bride and groom does in the middle of their first dance, and then after the eighth wedding couple does the same thing to different music you can easily see it at so yesterday. One thing about trends is that you use and see it over and over until one day it is done. Just when you think wedding trends have kept its course over time check out these new trends making its way to a wedding near you.

Drone Photography & Selfie Station

I kid you not, this idea of a bird's eye's view of a couple is hitting a new high. Now you can have images or yes even video of your ceremony way up high. Capturing the scenery, you walking down the isle, family reactions plus more all without having the photography men standing (aka taking away this moment from others) in the way of your guests. Also, couples are skipping the whole photo booths and replacing them with selfie stations. Even adding a hashtag to go along with it to share on Instagram.

Food Displays or Installations & Food Trucks

Didn't you mom ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, you don't have to listen anymore with this new trend. You can play, design and now use food in any way you want for you wedding. From using food as escort cards to having your reception food displayed in a completely over-the-top kind of way. Food Stylists are now making their way to the must haves list. If that isn't your thing, then maybe you will like the food truck trend that has been rolling in. I for one can guarantee that food trucks are not your average hot dog anymore. 

One, Two, Three Dresses & Detachable Trains

Apparently, one dress and even two dresses are not enough anymore now brace your wallets for a third dress. Why? Brides now want dresses for every part of the wedding, one for the ceremony, one for reception and one for an after party (and here I thought the party ended after the reception). If your one of those brides who just can't decided then this trend will be perfect for you. Go big or go home! If you are not into having three dresses then this next trend may fit your budget and style. Detachable trains are making their way on bride's must haves list. It is perfect to keep your classy at the alter and sassy on the dance floor (in other words it acts like two dresses). 

Non-Traditional Venues

Move over banquet halls, you are so last season. If you are tired of the typical ballroom feel then this trend is the perfect alternate choice unless you want your wedding to be in a barn. Lately, couples are gearing more into museums, lofts and restaurants. It gives them food menu freedom, but these places are not always a cheap alternate.

Whether you are going to a wedding or planning your very own wedding, one way or another you are going to at least see one of these wedding trends or even all of them at a wedding near you. 

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