Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pantry Section Makeover Plan

pantry makeover plan

There are many parts of my apartment that drives me a little crazy and one of them is the dining room section. It is almost like a waste of space yet there is so much space there. While our kitchen is screaming for more of everything. The dining room is set up weird, they light is located in an off spot when it should be located in the middle. The balcony door is right there and obviously you are not able to block it. This section tends to be a guessing game of how it is supposed to layout.

I decided to tackle the problem child first... the pantry section.With a large family like mine, we need to utilize space in the best way possible. Every inch counts and that is why I have come up with a layout that will hopefully solve a majority of our problems.

Here is what it looks like right now.

Eeek! Totally not a functional space if you ask me. What were we thinking! With so much empty spaces left around no wonder someone us decided to use it as a storage spot. No more of that. Soon this space will no longer be an eye soar but have organization and style. Oh, how much fun this will be!

Now let me show you my plan for this space.

A freezer is at the top of the list, let's face it, the small normal average size freezer cannot possibly hold all our needs (gluten free, healthy foods, siblings food/snacks, tons of fries and nuggets and my food) of a six person household. It has been so bad that the freezer door shelf bar broke from us attempting to try to store all of our needs. Sometimes we are greeted with a small ice cream container tumbling towards our toes. As you can see, a larger freezer is a must. We bought this Danby Designer 5.3 cu.ft. Chest Freezer at Walmart for $239.97. I can't wait to stock it up with food!

If you thought my freezer sounded bad then don't look at our pantry at the moment. I honestly don't really know what is in there anymore. It is chaotic and a mess. I kindly shut the door so I don't have to look at the unorganized mess. I saw this idea of turning a wardrobe into a pantry and ideas started to spark. It is the perfect option for our place and will provide both, division and organization. Ikea's DOMBAS Wardrobe is perfect for what I am going after and the best part about it is that it is on sale. Instead of paying $129.00 I will be paying $109.00!

Since only one side of the wardrobe has shelving, I will need more shelving so I will be using a few KOMPLEMENT shelves that are also on sale! Instead of $10.00, I will only be paying $8.50. I think the space above the freezer needs a large picture. Walmart has affordable poster frames that I believe will give the small the well needed visually.

I am so excited to take on another section of our place to makeover. There will be many more coming your way but one spot at a time. I am not superwoman lol. Stay tune for the reveal!

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  1. My pantry could definitely use some love. We have a designated "closet" but you've provided some inspiration to make it work better for us. Thanks!

    1. Your welcome Miss Steph, I am so glad that I could inspire you for your 'designated closet'. I can't wait for you to see the reveal!

  2. Our pantry area has definitely become where we put stuff we have no other place for. Sad!! Can't wait to see the finished area. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

    1. I know what that is like, Amanda. The reveal will be soon I promise :)

  3. It looks like you are going to be very organised after your makeover. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    I have just started a new link up that has just gone live! I'd be honoured if you could join me at my very first Sundays Down Under link up!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Thank you, Natasha, I will be sure to check your link party :)


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