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This idea has been in my mind for a while now. Some people have bucket lists or dreams written onto sticky notes or even pictures of what they want hanging up on their bedroom wall or on their computer screens. Mine have been in my head. I probably said it a million times that I want to do something or try something or travel somewhere but always had to put it on hold because of something. We all have those moments because let’s face it, life happens.

Lately, I don’t feel like that should stop me. In one way or another I want to achieve my dreams even if it is something small like trying something new. I have already accomplished a few, some I already shared with you and some I finished before I had this blog. Life is always going happen. It is always going to throw a curve ball or two, but it is how you get through them that matters. I plan on getting through my list the best way I can. You can follow along now with this new page that I am creating. Introducing my new Dream page.

I am a huge believer of following your dreams. Goals are still dreams you want to get to so you should do the little dreams, the big dreams, and the ones in between. What are your dreams? Goals? Places you want to go? Do you see any of this on my list? Whatever you choose, find ways to get there! Check out my the link here —-> new page and tell me what you think. Do you like this idea?

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    1. Thank you, Beth, I am so glad that you love this and I hope you will come back to follow along with my journey.

  1. I like how you think!! Oh, and mini golf is so fun! We used to own an ice cream place and we had a mini golf course there. I miss that place…:( But we move on and thank you for reminding me to keep my dreams alive and never stop working towards them. As far as mine, after working towards making my blog a success, #1 dream, is to ride my bike from here, Rhode Island down to Florida. Going to make that happen, next summer, leave on my 45th birthday. And I'll end with that! Saying hello from #HomeMattersParty
    Kristine 🙂 @

    1. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me, Kristine. I am the same with you about making my blog successful. Riding your bike down to Florida sounds like an awesome trip to do and I bet the photos and experience will last a lifetime! Would love to read all about it!

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