Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Kids On The Block/ TLC & Nelly Concert

New Kids On The Block concert tour 2015

Did you just about scream when you read my title? I know you might be wondering, 'little girl what do you now about New Kids On The Block?' and the answer is... I don't know any of their classic songs only the recent ones (Summertime!... Single!) However I am a huge fan of TLC. Who doesn't know TLC! (No, I don't want no Scrub!... Unpretty!... Don't go chasing waterfalls!) and come on, as if you haven't heard 'It's getting hot in here' at least a thousand times in the summer on your radio. So when Groupon presented this concert on their site, I had to say yes, yes and duh YES!

I am so excited to kick off the beginning of summer with my first ever real concert! Yes, you heard that correctly, I have never been to a concert and apparently seeing Keshia Chante at the Calgary Stamped stage does not count as a concert. So why did I miss the teenage experience of a concert? Honestly never had the money nor did I have the honest desire to go see a singer at the size ant (that what I thought it was like) on stage, however my seat was pretty close to the stage. It took us longer to find our seats due to no seat attendant but somehow we got there.

Music blasting through your body, everyone singing, dancing and throwing their hands up for the most awesome show ever! My seats were pretty great for the price I paid, I felt very close to the stage. Nelly opened the show with his greatest hits and yes he sang the song 'Hot in here' but I guess it wasn't hot enough for him to take his shirt off lol. However, his muscles were just as extraordinary. It wasn't a short performance at all, it was like a separate concert just for him.

Then TLC came out and did not leave any hits out. I was screaming, dancing and singing to all of their songs. Chilli and T-boz looked fantastic in their outfits and gave a rather entertaining performance from start to finish that I will never forget. There were many visuals on the large screen during their performances, that I wish showed more clips of them on the stage than the visuals. I was so happy to see that they gave Liza Left Eye a tribute. Brillant! Brillant!

My voice was gone by the time New Kids On the Block came out. I did not know many of their songs sadly yet that does not mean that it wasn't enjoyable. The band mixed dancing, singing, going up into the air and drinking other people drinks (Donnie) into their performance to give you the best experience. Even little treats like live cams and going into the audience. Not to be a poor sport but I did notice that they did other people's songs as well.

Overall, Nelly and TLC performances stole the show in my opinion. I had a blast and for my first concert ever, I have to say that it was beyond words and I know that this memory will last a lifetime. Thank you, Groupon! One dream of mine has been accomplished, on to the next one!

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