Fashion Finds – August Edition

fashion finds orfus road

Back to school is coming up way too soon, so while I was helping with my cousin’s back to school shopping I couldn’t help, but sneak some shopping for myself. This time I did not buy a ton of clothes, in fact, I didn’t even buy these clothes. Thanks to the power of family love, I got these clothes as a gift. However, that is not going to stop me from showing you what I bought, how much it originally cost and what I paid (aka my fam paid) with the sale. Ready to see!

Killing It‘ Long Sleeve Shirt – Orginal Price: $16.99 With Sale: no sale 
New York Water Bottle – Orginal Price: $8.00 With Sale: $2.69 
Peach `London` Tank – Orginal Price: $8.00 With Sale: $4.00 
Black Tank – Orginal Price: $7.45 With Sale: $3.73
Black Crop Top – Orginal Price: $8.00 With Sale: $2.69 
Grey Hooded Crop Top – Orginal Price: $10.00 With Sale: $5.00 
`Music Is My Boyfriend` Crop Top – Orginal Price: $10.00 With Sale: $5.00 
Diamond Crop Top – Orginal Price: $8.00 With Sale: $4.00 
Total amount spent  = $44.10
I was very disappointed with the new Urban Planet on Orfus Road. I thought it was going to be sales like most stores there, but it was a regular store. The only things that had huge saving were the purses and shoes section. My purse was there that I bought for $40.00 and they had the same one there for… it hurts to even say it… it cost $7.50! One of those moments where you wished you just waited.
Lesson learned! I had fun shopping and finding new things to wear. Which ones do you like?
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