Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Make Wallpaper Stick Without Damaging Wall

how to make wallpaper stick without damaging walls

While styling and re-organizing the bathroom, I made sure to add wallpaper to my list of things to get done in the bathroom. I have little (okay, okay I have no experience at all) in putting up wallpaper on any walls because with all the moving from renter house to the next renter house, I wasn't allowed to put any up.

What changed? Nothing really, I still live in a rented apartment but this time, I fell in love with a stone image wallpaper, oh, and I found a way to not have to paste it to the wall. However, for some reason I couldn't find it in my store anymore, it was either not what I was looking for too expensive for my small bathroom budget. I did though find this Graham & Brown Brick Paintable Wallpaper on Walmart's website for $24.00.

See more designs like this New Contour Spa Pastel Geometric Tile Foiled Wallpaper Offset Design Unpasted PVC & Expanded Vinyl Beige Gold Bricks Wallpaper.

Let's get started! Measure the wall either with a measuring tape or by using the wallpaper as a guide for cutting. I used the wallpaper and made small cut to where I need to cut.

Next, I used four wall mount stickers and stuck them on the back of each wallpaper paper. If you are doing larger amounts of this wallpaper I recommend you use something stronger or more wall mount stickers.

No dry time! No goop to plaster on the walls! This wallpaper is paintable so you could change the color in the future if you are looking for a change. I love mine the way it is so I choose not to paint mine

I love that the brick looks as if it had been hidden behind the walls this whole time and I only know found it. It also gives the bathroom shelf wall style and really pops without even trying.

Now all you have to do is add your belongings in. See how it looks with the rest of the decor and organizing in my Bathroom Re-Organizing post.

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  1. When renting it's always a challenge to personalize your space while not doing anything permanent to the walls. Looks like you've found a good solution.
    Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMatttersParty

  2. Shanice, you are a genius!! Where were you when I was renting? lol
    Glad you found the way to have what you wanted!!
    Here from HomeMatters.

    1. Lol thanks Melinda. I can't wait to stop renting so that I can actually put things up and paint too!

  3. THAT IS SO CLEVER, SHANICE! Thank you for adding it to SHARE IT 27! It's great to have you party with us! Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow evening or Sunday at the FineCraftGuild.com site. ~ Rose

    1. Thank you, Rose, see you at the next party!


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