Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outdoor Swimming Pool Essentials

outdoor swimming pool essentials

Splashing in cool crystal blue pool on a hot summer day sounds fantastic! If your sharing with a ton of kids at the local community center or you are enjoying your own in the backyard the essentials things will be the same. I don't remember ever going to an outdoor pool until last week. I have always gone to indoor pools and wave pools and waterpark but never outdoor pool. Which is funny to think about because we have a free community center outdoor pool across the street from where I live. Yet, I naturally gravitate to indoor pools until last week. I brought my siblings and son to the pool and we all had a ton of fun.

One thing did happen, though, I forgot a few essentials that I should have brought with me. As you can tell by now, that is what inspired this post. Here is my must have list for outdoor swimming pool:

Swim Suit: Most obvious thing to bring. I like to wear it under my clothes so that I am not wasting any water time putting on my swimsuit. There are many cases where you want privacy to get on your swimsuit, but stalls are full or its open area and everyone is changing there too. To save myself from that I choose to wear mine under my clothes. Always works like a charm!

Towel: I like the towels that turn into a bag for when I want to place my valuables inside while I am in the pool. It also works nicely for when I am done swimming, I can hold my wet belongings inside of it. Of course, you can find many cute designs of pool or beach towels at an affordable price anywhere online or during the summer at your local stores.

Pool Bag: You will need something to hold your clothing while you swim and a pool bag or just a larger bag is great for doing that. I don't have a special pool bag, I use a backpack or large purse most times. There is so many really cute pool or beach bags out there to choose from. If you are in a more creative mood you can always make one for yourself.

Wet Bag: I love wet bags. It is not only great for when you don't have a garbage nearby and you have to carry stinky diapers or kids clothes that got soiled with something. It is also great for the pool, it holds your wet swimwear perfectly until you get home and doesn't leak any of the pool water left behind. It is also easy to clean too!

Sun Screen: Waterproof sunscreen is a must. You need to make sure that your skin is well taken care of while you are in the pool and while you are outside of the pool. There are so many sunscreens to choose from and in different styles such as cream or spray or even in your makeup. I personally use Honest Company's sunscreen, its natural and waterproof!

Sunglasses: Summer and pool wouldn't be complete without a great pair of sunglasses. For me, It takes me a while to find a pair of sunglasses that I like. Make sure that your pair is truly UVA protected that means be careful of the cheaper sunglasses that claim they are, but are not.

Flip Flops: You see these everywhere by the pool because it is easy to slide your feet in and able to get wet. Also, it helps that it is lightweight for travel and easy to store in any kind of bag. Many colors and designs to choose from.

Pool Accessories: Arm floaties, ball and pool noodles! Fun for the kids and keeps them well entertained in the pool. Be careful, though, some pools may want you to use their own pool accessories so be sure to call ahead or ask someone who works there.

There you have it, everything you need to be outdoor pool ready! Enjoy your swim!

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