My Must See New Fall Shows List 2015

must see new fall shows 2015

September is in the air! Fall is here and I stoked to see the new line of fall shows. This is my favourite part of the year because well, if you haven’t noticed, I am a TV junkie. I love shows, something gripping, something funny, something that keeps me coming back every week. Now that, I have a little something called recording I will have an even more blast of time gluing my eyes on the screen and occasionally scream at the tv in shock or laugh until I cry. Ahh…TV season is here!

With new shows comes cancelations. Unfortunately there is shows that will no longer be with us like Stalker (that show doesn’t deserve to be cancelled), The Millers (make you cry funny and should stay), Melissa & Joey (unfair don’t make me cry), Reckless, Hart of Dixie, Mulaney, A to Z, Marry Me. Although, some of my favorite shows are gone I look forward to the new shows that are premiere this season.

Here are my ‘I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!‘ Top Five List:

The Player (NBC)
(Premieres Sept 24)

Quantico (ABC)
(Premieres Sept 27 )

Blindspot (NBC)
(Premieres Sept 21 )

Heroes Reborn (NBC) 

(Premieres Sept 24)

Mr. Robot (SHOWCASE)
(Premieres Sept 4)

Obviously I have more than five shows that I am excited about. Let me give you the low-down on more shows premiering this month. They may not be my top five, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to check out the first episode. I normally give shows that caught my attention, at most, two episodes and if I am feeling generous (aka there is nothing else on) I will give it three episode. If I am not sold by the third episode then I drop it completely. 

Grandfathered (FOX) (Premieres Sept 29)

Minority Report (FOX) (Premieres Sept 21)

Blood & Oil (ABC) (Premieres Sept 27)

Rosewood (FOX) (Premieres Sept 23)

Limitless (CBS)  (Premieres Sept 22)

The Grinder (FOX) (Premieres Sept 29 )

Scream Queens (FOX) (Premieres Sept 22)

The Frankenstein Code (or the Looking Glass) (FOX) (Premieres 2016 )

Chicago Med (NBC) (Premieres Nov 17)

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders (CBC) (Premieres 2016)

Dr. Ken (ABC) (Premieres Oct 2)

Supergirl (CBS) (Premieres Oct 26)

That is my list for this year! I know that this a lot of shows to add to my already long list of shows I need to watch and that will be returning this season like Empire. This year, with my new cable box I will have all the time to record and watch. Whoever came up with that idea to record tv or pause live tv was a genius! What new shows are you excited to see this season?
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4 Replies to “My Must See New Fall Shows List 2015”

  1. Some awesome suggestions. I haven't head of a lot of these and always looking for new movies and tv shows to watch. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Maria! There are some great shows out there, hope you find a new favourite!

  2. I've got a new baby coming, so I anticipate lots of late nights/early mornings watching some tv shows. Thank you for giving me some suggestions!

    1. Your welcome, Jessica. Congrats to your little bundle of joy and hello to late nights and early mornings and lack of sleep. Enjoy the shows!

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