Monday, September 14, 2015

Sell Your Stuff Canada & Make Money!

This whole spring cleaning and summer clean up was about getting rid of stuff. Getting rid of clothing, toys and junk. We live in a small apartment and no longer had space for the useless junk, clothing and shoes that is too small for us (or never have been worn). There is many places where you can donate your things and still get paid too.

I shared with you 4 Sites Fashion Lovers Can Make Money, and sites where you can send your clothes to sites and get paid for your gently used clothes and shoes and handbags at times all from the convenience of your own home.

After some research searching for places for myself to make some money, I stumbled across some places that pay you for certain things.

Okay so Value Village may not give you cash money for your things, however, they do give you a discount card towards your next purchase in their store. The more you give, the more discount you get 5 -30% off. Sometimes, you have to ask them for the card and sometimes they give you the card when you drop off the things you have given. I love that they take mostly everything and if they don't end up using it they will take care of it for you. (Fav store!) How it work:

  1. Call for pick up delivery or bring to local store.
  2. Give your donation to Value Village
  3. Ask for donation card. 

Tired having to set up a weekend-long garage sale? Staying up for hours to price everything you want sold then having to set it up early morning the next day? Say goodbye to Garage sales on Saturday and Sundays and hello to virtual garage sales. This mom run, business, VarageSale is getting a Canada's attention with it's safe way to buy and sell as well as connect with their community. How it works:

  1. Choose a community from North York to Niagara Falls Ontario
  2. Sign up with Facebook
  3. Buy or sell items on their site.  

Sell My Stuff Canada is a contents sale company that sells your stuff from your home. They price, set up, advertise, and run a one day sale of anything and everything you want to sell. It is not a company for if you want to sell a few stuff or one thing. This is a great company to use if you have a loved one pass away and don't know what to do with a house full of belongings or a moving sale, estate sale, estate auction, need of appraisal and need of junk removal. It has to be a house, no apartments. How it works:
  1. Contact Sell My Stuff
  2. Allow them to handle prices, set up, advertise, day of the sale
  3. Divide money on an agreed percentage of things sold. 

Once Upon A Child is a great place to sell your kid's clothes, baby clothes, toys, bikes and more. They have high safety standards so they will not accept anything that is ripped or too worn out. They are picky on what the accept as well so be prepared that they will not accept everything you have, it will depend on what the store needs at the moment. Also, clothing must be washed and in good condition. How it works:

  1. Call ahead of time or stop by a local store with your things.
  2. As you walk around the store, they will check out your things.
  3. They will talk to you discussing if your will accept any of your items or not.

Hope you found a new company to try or bookmark. If you have any other stores or sites in Canada that you think would make a great fit for my list. Let me know! Now, gather your things and go make some money!

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  1. Thanks for linking this up to the Bewitchin' Projects Link Party Shanice! I am Canadian as well and am amazed how few of us bloggers there are up here :) I love these ideas and am always looking for ways to get rid of the clutter and I had no idea Value Village did that. Thanks again for posting! Hugs, Lisa

    1. It is so true, Lisa, It is so much fun to meet more Canadian Bloggers though. Next time you go to Value Village and donate, you should for sure as for a donation card!


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