Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Son's Big Boy Wall

boy bedroom ideas

With all the work that I have been doing around the apartment, I hadn't noticed that my son's wall by his bed still looked the same as when he was born. As much as I hate to admit it, my son is no longer that little baby, but a growing toddler (he will forever be my baby of course) even though we share a space it doesn't mean that the space can't still grow with him.

Here is the before picture. 

and now here is the new and improved after.

In a simple way, I figured out how to utilize the wall space. I had two problem areas that I needed to fix and only two free walls to accomplish my goal. 

My first problem was my son's sweaters and jackets. My IKEA Hack Bookcase to Custom closet helped with clothes that needed to be hung, however since it is small, it could not do both. It was starting to get way to squishy. 

A week ago, I created Shoe Hooks for my Entry closet. I had wood and handles left over so I thought why not make another one, but this time instead of shoes, I will use it for his jackets and sweaters. If you want to see how I made this step by step then you have to check out that post. Link is above.

For my last problem, all I needed was IKEA Spice Racks. My son's books have been high jacking my small bookshelf so it was time to give him his very own. I love these spice racks. Not only are they very affordable, but so useful. I have used it for book holders for my siblings before and used it as a TV stand for both mine, and my moms bedrooms. I have been noticing that the one I did for my mom is very popular lately.

Say bye-bye to the Winnie the Pooh wall decor and hello to these shelves. 

Simple affordable ideas to give this space... or should I say wall, a well-needed update for my growing boy bedroom space. It also is nice that I could spray paint a little more too.

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