Trying Gorilla Glue

gorilla glue review

Normally, I don’t get excited over a product in a commercial. I get more excited by a new TV series or movie than a product. However, for some reason, this glue peaked my interest. Maybe, it was because the most (so called) strongest glue I ever use tend to well, always fail me. With kids comes things that break or tear or plain old snaps off.

I need a glue that will actually work, you know, not re-break as soon as you think you have fixed it. I gave it time, I reapplied and now I just want a glue that works. So apart from having a gorilla bring me glue like in the commercial I did take a leap and decided to try thing one out.

I used it on my IKEA drawer. The bottom of one of my drawers was not staying in place and would often leave my clothes falling through so, after endlessly trying to find ways to keep it from doing that, I used Gorilla Glue. Simply applied it in the slot (okay I might have under-estimated the amount I should have put) then allowed it to dry for two hours.

While I waited I did laundry and when I got back it was done. I must have put too much because I noticed that some parts bubbled through. I made sure to take as much off since my clothes were going back inside.

It works!
It’s Affordable!
It actually works!
If not careful you can stain skin and clothes.
Too much can cause the product to overflow and bubble.

Overall, this product worked for me. I now can stop worrying about my clothes falling through and just worry about getting more clothes inside!

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