Finding Yourself As A Mom

Finding Yourself As A Mom Advice

Finding yourself, in general, is what people my age go through in their twenties. You are finding the confidence in what you want for yourself, what you stand for, what style suits you, what career you are for sure going to be in and overall, you know yourself inside and out. However, adding in finding yourself as a mom on top of that can get overwhelming. I am at the stage right now being a young mom.

It is not easy having a child, period, doesn’t matter what age you are. Having a child is a huge responsibility and finding yourself as a mom is no easy walk in the park for everyone. I know that is not  the case for me. I am still finding myself as a parent and a person. Parenting make come super easy for some and as if everything thrown their way is a breeze but behind those doors they are just as stressed and overwhelmed as we are.

There are always going to be good days and bad days. Let’s face it as least every day we are going to get something going off plan or meltdowns or something broken and then at the end of the day we have that peaceful moment when our child or children are asleep. (I say that look at my son sleep beside me)

Lately, life has changed even more in our household. Roles have switched. My mom is no longer able to work because she need to take care of my 12-year-old sister who is going through a ton of mental health problems. Since there is no need for both of us being home, I got myself a job that I love and adore, (it is at a large popular craft store… hint hint) but it is also my very first job so this is whole new experience for me.

I feel the pressure. I feel the huge weight on my shoulders. Not only am I a single parent, I am a blogger and now a woman with a job. I find myself more tired, more irritable and more wanting to keep to myself because technically I have three jobs. Where is the time? Is there any time? No. I am still finding ways to get things down because let’s be honest, there is no such thing as days off.

So where is the time to find yourself as a parent? Honestly, I believe I am always going to be finding myself as a parent, but here are three things I am doing to help shape myself as a parent and also help me decide on what kind of parent I want to be for my child.

1. Parenting Classes

Every week, on one of my days off, I go to this free parenting class at a community center. My child goes in the playroom and plays while I get some learning on how to parent my child. I love the suggestions and also hearing from other parents. It is nice to know I am not the only one going through certain things.  Also, things change. I can only learn as much as I can from my family, but right now is a completely different generation than when I was raised or they were raised and it is good to at least know what is new in the parenting world and be updated.
2. Family & Friends
Even though I just said that I can only learn so much, doesn’t mean you can’t get some advice and get some expertise from them. It never hurts to get as much information and knowledge from everyone. Certain things may work for them and not for others, but now you have it under your belt in case you want to use it for yourself.

3. Ask Yourself
Ask yourself: Is this what I want to do? If what you are learning about or hear about is something you want to add into your parenting style personally then try it out and see if this works for you and your child. Everyone’s child is different, everyone mom is different. You never know unless you try. You will be trying a ton of things before you truly find yourself as a mom. Don’t try a list full of what everyone is doing just because they suggested it. Choose ones you truly want for yourself or willing to try.
I am no expert in parenting or at being a mom. I am just like everyone else when it comes to parenting. I am always learning and always growing. I hope my tips help out a little. I was inspired so I thought I would share my thoughts today. These are just some suggestions to help anyone who is in the same style of shoes right now. 

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4 Replies to “Finding Yourself As A Mom”

  1. I'm stressed out. My 7 year old just got an epilepsy diagnosis, and school is no longer going smoothly.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, Giftie Etcetera. Have you looked into what resources and services are available for a parent with a child with epilepsy?
      I want you to know that you are strong. Stay strong and keep staying supportive to your child. This is a huge change for your family but know that you are not alone and also know that you are always doing your best even if you don't feel like it. Always remember that you are doing your best!

  2. I enjoyed your post. And although 3 of my 4 children are out of the house now, I remember being a young Mom with one baby, one husband and a demanding full time career. Balancing all that life throws at you is difficult no matter what shoes you are wearing at the time. You will make it work because it is important to you to do so and as you work your way down the pathways of your life, you will re-evaluate, adjust and continue to do the best you can and it will be enough. Thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It!

    1. Aww thank you, Laurie. Your words are so encouraging and reminds me that everyone goes through this at on point!

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