Monday, October 26, 2015

My 'Can't Live Without' Morning Products

natural beauty products

Natural way, all the way! If you have been keeping up on my blog, you would realize that I mostly share products that I love that is natural and well you guessed it, good for your body. These products are no stranger to the blog, in fact, I did individual reviews for some of them before so be sure to check those reviews out for more information on them.

With me being a new working mama, it is very important for me to have my morning products at hand. These are my favourite brands, scents and products that are all affordable as well.

IVORY: I use this body soap brand all the time. I typically use their lavender scented body soap but love this water lily scent as well. You can find this product at most stores. I normally see it at Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart and happen to buy this one at my Dollarama for $3.00.

ST IVES: I love using their apricot face soap in the morning. It gives me an extra boost to my skin and helps me get awake. I never go a day without washing my face with this, it gives my skin such a deep clean. Check out my review here.

ST IVES: Coconut anything makes me feel like I woke up and landed on a tropical breeze so you can bet that this body lotion does that exact thing. The scent is way better than any perfume, it is the perfect touch after washing. It is also great as a face cream as well. Check out my review here.

HONEST: Their deodorant spray is something I use and will use twice depending on how busy it is for me. It is small enough to bring with me to work and doesn't look like typical deodorants. Plus the scent of warm vanilla and lavender is a nice touch from the other sage scent I had before.

HONEST: You may find an air freshener for a morning product to be a tad weird, but I love the scent of their vanilla and lavender so much that sometimes I use it as my own personal perfume. It sticks to my clothes leaving the scent on throughout my day. Check out my review here.

ECOS: Lastly I have to put lip balm on and my recent guilty pleasure is Ecos cherry lip balm. I been seeing the commercials everywhere and one day bought one for myself. I found it at Dollarama for $3.00 then bought another one to leave at work.

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  1. I love ST Ives too - Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

    1. Thank you, Amber! Also thank you for sharing my post.


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