Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Perfect Tip For Cleaning Microfiber Couches

how to clean microfiber couch

When you have kids or siblings or an grown adult that is comparable to a child, you can be sure that the couch is the spot that gets dirty the most from drink spills to food to sticky something that has falling on the couch. There is an endless list of ways our couch can get dirty especially when you have a tan microfiber couch. Yes, people rave and say "oh those are the best couches for people who have kids" and yet why it is such a headache to get it clean. Since there is no invention to take the whole couch and place it into a washing machine we have to find ways to clean it.

So what can we do? Well for some couches you can unzip the seats and then throw it into your washing machine. Of course then you would have to put it back on, it is always time-consuming for our couch. Or you can go olden day style and get a brand new couch and place that lovely crinkly clear plastic on it (Not happening) or you could try out this easy trick that I am about to share with you.

My mom found a trick on Pinterest that actually works. We did this a little differently though. All you need are three things. 1. Spray Bottle Nozzle (we used the one from our spray bottle that we got from Dollarama) 2. Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol (also from Dollarama... and $2.00 too!) and 3. White Cloth or White Sponge.

First you need to pick a good time. I say this because depending on the size of the stain and if you have kids around it just makes it easier to do this right if your children out with a friend/family member, sleeping or at school. I tried to do this with my toddler around and he wanted to play with the spray or wanted to touch the couch so I recommend it if you want some peace.

Now you are ready to start cleaning. After you have added on your spray nozzle to your rubbing alcohol bottle, spray a few sprays onto your stain or onto the part of your couch you want clean. Use the white cloth or white sponge and wipe onto the stain. You won't notice anything right away, it is when the area dries is when you will notice a difference. Sometimes it will come off right away and sometimes it will take you doing this a couple of times. Either way, it gets the couch clean!

We did this once and every since, whenever my son spills something or marks pen on the couch arm or does anything that would give a mother a heart attack, we just grab the bottle and spray it away. I personally love doing this. It had helped us so much that I no longer stress when things stain or spill.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself, it may just work out for you too!

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  1. Good Morning Shanice and THANK YOU for this share. I have a stain on my couch I was about to loose my mind with thoughts it was a loss cause but I am going to try this tip over the weekend!!!!

    1. Your welcome, Mari! I am so happy that I could share this just when you needed it. I hope it works for you too!


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