Potty Training Diary – The Highs, The Lows, The Progress

Whoever said potty training was easy was lying or had a genius child. These past weeks… months… more months was a lot more of a struggle than I was expecting, but then again I was dealing with a 19-month-old at the time. This time, I am dealing with the oh so terrible two stage. Since receiving the news that I would be starting a new job soon (my first job), I was even more determined to pass this finish line of having my son potty trained. 

DAY 1 – I bought a ton of small toy cars for my son (from Value Village…where else you gonna find bags of small cars for $2.99?) My plan is simple. Whenever he uses the potty (actually uses it and not just sit there) then he gets to choose a car to have. Simple right? Try explaining that to a two-year-old. Well, I told him the first time about the plan. Ask him if he had to go potty. He said no. Then the second time I told him, I made a huge production telling him “Mommy went potty so mommy gets to play with a toy car! Zoom! Zoom!” His reaction was priceless. He looked at me sitting on his new sit and roll style car, points at the bathroom and said something along the lines “you go potty.” Looks like I am dealing with a smartie pants.

At one point, I took him and placed him on the potty kicking and screaming and guess what happened… he actually went potty. Then choose a car as a prize. I made a huge scene, cheering and have him show off his car for going potty. He saw some of his old toy cars on the ground and picked it up cheering “I went potty!” as if he got all those cars for it too lol.

Pull Ups – 4    Potty – 1

DAY 2 – I wasn’t so much a struggle today. I still got tons of him saying “No” to having to go potty, but he did use the potty twice today. Okay, technically one and a half so he got two cars today anyway. Even the smallest amount counts. The question – How many cars does he get if he uses the bathroom more than once a day? was brought to my attention. I didn’t think about that when I bought 14 small cars for two weeks. I may have to rethink this plan or will just have to buy more bags of small cars from Value Village.

Pull Ups – 4    Potty – 1 1/2

DAY 3 – No Potty.

DAY 4 – He went potty once so he got 1 car.

DAY 5 – He was very excited to go potty when he got one car today and wanted to go right back on.

After a month of repeating this, he one day came to me and said “Mommy potty, hurry hurry!” and we rushed to the bathroom, he used it and received a new car.He did that three times! After that awesome day, I thought I had finally passed the finished line. However, the next day it was like it never happened. Yet, I never gave up, I asked him if he had to go.

In no time, he was back to telling me that he had to use it. So it has been a huge step getting him where he is now, he is telling me when he has to go plus if his pull up is full he will let me know so I am extremely proud of his progress.

What have I learned?

1. To never give up, stay persistent.
2. Continue to make potty training fun.
3. If notice a potty pattern keep at it.
4. Stay positive. Motivate and praise when he goes and even when he doesn’t.
5. Try every idea and find one that works for you.

What worked for me?

Out of everything that I have tried. I would have to say that, having a schedule and giving my son one of his favorite toys (Cars) was more fun for him than getting car stickers.

Did you enjoy this adventure of mine? I hope so! If it helps you, gives you a laugh or gives you some suggestions then continue following me journey. Share some advice if you like too or methods that have worked for you. I would love to know your methods.
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  1. I guess potty training is every mother's nightmare, and I truly feel for you. I dreaded potty training my son so I turned to reading all that I could about it. I came across a book – and I hope I can remember the exact title – Potty Training in a Day. This was over thirty years ago and it really worked for me and my son was not a genius but he was and is very smart. I was just lucky I guess and I passed the book around to all of my friends who needed to potty train and it seemed to work for them, too. The main thing is to not stress out about it. Good luck!

    1. Aww thank you so much, Gail. I love hearing how other things have worked for other moms. Now that my son is getting the hang of things, I feel less stressed!

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    1. Your welcome! See you at the next one!

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