Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Important Things Staying Behind If Deserted on Island

You must have been asked this before maybe even over a million times, "If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?" You never know if this would happen one day and I would have to bring three things with me. Honestly, I don't know what five or four or three things I would bring with me, however, I know what 10 things I would make sure to leave behind.

#1 - Kid/Kids
I love my son, I do, but I wouldn't bring my two-year-old with me on a stranded island. He would be mad constantly because I don't have anything for him to do on this island. I would be constantly worried something would get him at night or that he would wonder off into the forest and get lost. I mean think about it, a stranded island is ten times worse than losing your child in a crowded mall on Black Friday. My son is better off at home safe and sound.

#2 - Phone
As much as I would love to take a selfie of myself being stranded I rather not be reminded of how long I don't have any network to call someone to get me out of this island. It would be nice to see a photo or two of my family and play Tetris, but unless I have unlimited battery life or a solar power charger, there is not point to having it with me.

#3 - Laptop or iPad or GPS 
Not much to say about this one. Lately, everyone uses their phones to access everything and watch everything. If I was able to use the internet on a deserted island, then I would rather use it on my phone since, I can call, text, watch Netflix and take pictures all while not having to haul a laptop around. Bringing GPS wouldn't be smart either because it would constantly be saying "calculating route" in the middle of nowhere.

#4 - Food
Wished I joined camp scout club or even brushed up on some wildlife information because you can be sure that I would not be hauling a cooler full of food long with me. Food is among you in one way or another. You may have to take a few ideas from the TV show LOST... scratch that... get yourself a survival book.

 #5 - Makeup
Who needs makeup when you are alone, with no one seeing you but bugs and wildlife. Unless a celebrity themselves said they were going to save me personally then I would maybe consider it lol. Natural is the way to go, match your surroundings... but that is as natural as I am going to get being out there... I am going to need items of clothing and some form of soap to survive.

It was a fun twist on the classic question. Have you ever thought about what you would not bring with you on a stranded island? Tell me yours.

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