No Sew Crayon Pouch Holder

no sew crayon pouch holder

Who has a child with a box of crayons? I do! I have noticed that crayon boxes break so easily and get bent out of shape so I thought it was time to make a no sew crayon pouch holder that doesn’t mind handling the bumps of living with a toddler son. I wish I had made this earlier, maybe then I would have all the last box of crayons altogether… I know that is a huge dream that would barely ever happen. Crayons are on the list of the most thing to get lost next to socks. Here is how I made my Crayon pouch holder.

First, you are going to need the following, an iron, fabric, Heat n Bond, scissors, and crayons.

I emptied the box of crayons to use as a guide on top of my fabric that I bought from Micheals Craft Store for $1.49 so that I knew how much it would fit.

Next, I took the Heat & Bond that I also bought from Micheals Craft Store and placed a piece at the end of the fabric.

I turned the fabric over.

Then iron for around 3-5 seconds.

Cut any extra fabric you don’t need.

Then continue adding Heat & Bond to any loose fabric.

For the top of the pouch, I made a fold just like how I did at the beginning.
When choosing how I wanted to open and close this pouch, I was leaning towards a zipper or a button but then settled with Velcro.

You have a chose to leave it as is or you can take it a step further and give it a little bit more structure. I find that without my last step the crayons are all over the place but with this step it was a lot sturdy. For my last step, I added one last Heat & Bond to the middle of the pouch.

Such an easy project with style.

Grab your crayons and go!

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  1. This is such a great idea for my grandchildrens crayons. I am working on getting organized. I am going to try to do this and see how it goes. Thank you for sharing

    1. Your welcome, Linda! I hope your grandchildren enjoy it!

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