My New Kitchen

apartment kitchen makeover

My kitchen wasn’t something to show off before. It was a little older than your standard kitchens with off white cabinet doors and old brownish counter top. You can tell that it had been then from the time the building was built however it did its job. Until we noticed that the faucet section was teetering lower that usual. I told our landlord and they noticed that the board of our sink was starting to dampen. The water from us washing dishes ate away that section and that made the faucet lean in and by the weekend we had this beauty!

We didn’t even ask for the cabinet doors to be changed and yet when I came home from work it had looked like we got a complete kitchen makeover. I could not believe that with just those two changes, it could look so brand new, so much brighter and stylish.

This is what our drawers used to look like.

And this is my new one!

Finding pictures of my old kitchen is very hard, since we don’t typically take pictures in there. Plus, since I wasn’t aware of this surprise ahead of time, I couldn’t take a before picture. That doesn’t stop me from sharing my new kitchen, though, I see many bloggers and readers out there with such fantastic kitchens and now I can’t wait to add some kitchen pictures of my own more often.

The cabinet handles are my favourite style. Modern, silver and it gives off an airy feel.

Now that the kitchen looks like this, my head is filling up with inspirations to really take it to the next level with the decor!

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8 Replies to “My New Kitchen”

  1. i love those handles, too. i wished i could replace ours with them, but i had to use a backplate b/c of where the original holes were. yours would leave a hole exposed. 🙁 enjoy yours!

    1. Aww that is too bad. Maybe one day you will get your wish of having door handles likes mine or even better, a whole new kitchen! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Looks awesome!!!! Looks so neat and warm! So exciting!

    1. Thank you, Camila! Defiantly a great upgrade!

  3. I am renovating my kitchen with the help of a few friends and I have chosen a similar look. The warm gray with the stainless steel fixtures makes the whole space look very sophisticated. The addition of the white wall causes the room to be crisp and clean. I will definitely be using your pictures as inspiration. Thanks for posting.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

    1. Thanks so much, Arthur! Having friends help will be so much fun. Enjoy your renovating.

  4. This is so nice. I just love the countertops. You did a great job. My kitchen needs to be done soon. Thank you for sharing

    1. I wish I could take the credit for it but landlords handled it all, I just took the pictures lol Glad you like it, Linda!

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