Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bedroom Makeover Plan

master bedroom decor plan

Things are about to change! This year, I have been on the need for change (not the change I always want to do like highlights in my hair which never happens) but a change of furniture in my bedroom. Now, stubborn me (yes I admit I can be stubborn) does not like change all the time. I have had my double size, silver, tween/tween bed for at least six to seven years and you can bet that I bought it from IKEA. However, over the twelve to fourteen moves, it just couldn't keep up anymore.

Determined me, (which could look like being stubborn) was pretty sure I could keep my bed which is being held up by four out of eight screws and wood slates until I move again. Others in my family dropped hints (aka said it straight to my face) that is was time for me to get a new bed. After some thought, I decided that it was time for a young, grown up, stylish bedroom to match my lifestyle!

To help me bring my vision to life, I had to create a plan!
Finding the right bed frame was a mission, especially when you only want a wingback style bedframe that is grey (to honor the silver of my bed) and very affordable. With my small budget, I could not afford the bed of my dreams even if it was at its lower price. In order to not feel too sad, I promised myself that I would buy it when I get my own place. I did, however, found this Bedframe at Wayfair. The price fit nicely into my budget and it is a great compromise to what I originally wanted. To top it off, I wanted a new Duvet cover. If I can't get all white then I can settle with this cute, white and grey print from IKEA.

My wall above my bed needs a pop of inspiration and this is where XOXO Art comes in. I love the gold of the word. I am still debating on finding some inspirational words to go with it or if I am going to create my own version of it. Along with a pop of inspiration, comes a pop of color. Abstract Art has been something I have been secretly loving but have done nothing about. I saw this on Etsy and just love everything about it. It is affordable and there is not shipping because you can just print it out. 

I have learned that the lovely side table I have would not longer fit beside my new bed so to make up for that, I found this Lack Shelf. It is the perfect size to fit in that tight spot by the bed and it doesn't cost much. What I also like is that it floats in the air so it will give that side of the bed a more airy feel than the cluttered mess it is now. On top of the new side table needs a Lamp, just to balance with the other side of my bed.

Lastly, I am a girl who loves under the best storage because I never have space for all my things. The new bed  does not have as much space like my old bed so I knew that the underneath my bed would need something to hold a few things. Mesh Basket work great as under the bed drawers/ storage and only cost $7.00. 
Now you saw the plan, I can't wait for you to see the finished project. Stay tune!

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  1. Goodness, we are reading each others' minds...I am working on planning our master bedroom, too! I love your style...good luck!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! Wish you all the best for your bedroom makeover as well!

  2. Thank you for these suggestions. My bedroom needs some brightening up and refreshing soon. This article has helped

    1. I am so glad you got some inspiration from my plan, Linda. I hope you got a chance to see the reveal!


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