Monday, February 8, 2016

Bedroom Makeover Reveal

bedroom makeover ideas

My bedroom makeover is done! Last week, I share with you the plan for my bedroom and I could not wait to share with you the result. I was in well-need of a new refresh to my room. I was looking a little like the age people think I am instead of the young women that I am so a few changes was going to do just that for me.

This project took some time, mostly had to wait for the largest purchase of my life to arrive at my place and, of course build it. This bedframe was not like my IKEA building style that I was used to however, this bed was pretty easy to build and my little man decided to help me as well.

It is always nice to see a plan come together.

If you want you to know where I bought everything then be sure to check out last weeks post.

I love the greys and whites and silver of the room. I couldn't leave behind any pieces that I love like the new sheets I bought. I paired them with the duvet and pillow covers that I bought from IKEA. I used to be a no printed fabric kind of girl and now I have three different prints on my bed.

The side table (aka a floating shelf) worked perfectly as a side table. Add a frame, beautiful fake flowers in a glass vase and a white lamp that may or may not be working and you have yourself a cute and simple side table.

Since there was not enough room under my bed to hide all the many things that can't fit in my closet I had to buy more Algot shelves from IKEA to keep things organize. It works great as under the bed storage and drawers.

This is my favourite part of the makeover. I bought these floating frames from Micheal's Craft Store for a BOGO deal. I placed the artwork I bought from Etsy and then added two of my very own creations. That is a project I will share with you tomorrow so you can see how I created it.

I am so happy with the result of my bedroom. This has been a long process with doing every side of my bedroom and this was the cherry on top. Now I know that I am ready to give the tour of my little piece of my place (aka my home) soon.

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