8 Fantastic Living Room Inspirations to Desire

8 Fantastic Living Room Inspirations to Desire | City of Creative Dreams

Who doesn’t want to sit in a magazine styled living room? I know I do! However, since that won’t be happening to me right this minute. I took my desire to the one place that has everything. Pinterest! I remember I would go on Pinterest to look up one thing and find myself pinning over a hundred things to my boards. This is what Pinterest does and that is why we get obsessed with it as well as Instagram.

I thought I would take some time and share some of my favourites living rooms out there that I could not resist but to pin and you will see why. Here are eight of my favourite living rooms on Pinterest that I would love to come home to.

From Houzz

From Decouvrir design

I wish our dream living room could just be a click away like it is on Pinterest. Since we all can jump into the screen and curl up on those couches. We can always use these are inspirations for our very own living rooms or the dream living rooms of our future homes. Every dream starts with inspiration. I hope you got some from these eight inspirational designs.

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