Fashion Finds – March Edition

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Are you a sentimental holder? I noticed I am with my son. It is not my fault, he is my first child and he looks adorable in every outfit which is a problem when it comes to me having to donate certain outfits. This month my problem was PJs I bought for him when he was two. Now that he is three years old some of the two-year-old clothes no longer fit and yet I still find myself sliding them on him.

To make up will the loss of old cute clothes I had to go PJ shopping. Of course, I couldn’t shop anywhere else but my favourite place for kids clothes… Value Village. They are the best place for my family to save money and get more on a small budget as well as can save even more when you donate too. Here is what I bought this shopping trip!

Laundry every day or every week is pretty costly for my household since we live in an apartment and have to share laundry with the rest of the building. I am not sure about your household but in mine, we can sometimes go through PJs especially with a toddler that hasn’t quite master potty training yet. 
I love the style of this black and red plaid PJ set and it only cost $3.99. However, I couldn’t just stop at one pair, I had to grab one more and these cop designed ones were cute enough to place in my basket. It only cost me $3.99 as well. I also made sure to grab those cute PJ pants, staying in a plaid style with an added cars theme that only cost me $0.99 each!
In total, I spent around $11.00! Which is fabulous! This shopping trip sure will help a ton. I now have no choice but to place the old PJs into a donation bag to make room for the new ones and I am sure my son will love the fact that his clothes fit perfectly.

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