Very Cherry Cinnamon Sugar Cupcakes

Very Cherry Cinnamon Sugar Cupcakes | City of Creative Dreams

With unexpected turns of life, sometimes baking comes with inspiration and sometimes under last minute pressure comes a delicious delight. That’s what happened for this  Very Cherry Cinnamon Sugar cupcake recipe. I was “I am not asking, I was just letting you know” type of asked to bake these cupcakes by my mom.

Why? My siblings have been going through a recurring cycle of not wanting to bring a lunch to school. Maybe sandwiches are now uncool but with the love of my last batch of cupcakes which were White Chocolate Caramel cupcakes was requested to tag along in their backpacks. My mom was happy to hint that I should bake more. Even though this recipe was a last minute result, it turned out to be my favorite and best recipe ever! It is the perfect treat for those who don’t have a lot of time.

Here is what you need:

Betty Crocker Very Cherry Cake Mix,
Cinnamon Sugar,
3 Eggs,
1/2 Vegetable Oil,
1 Cup of Coconut Milk

Pour the Betty Crocker Super Moist Cherry Chip cake mix in a bowl.

Crack three eggs and add to the bowl.

Next, it is time for the liquids. Add 1 cup of milk or water. I personally used coconut milk because it is a great dairy free option. 

Next, I added 1/2 of extra virgin oil.

Lastly, you add in some cinnamon sugar. I added a lot but feel free to choose your own amount.

Now it is mixing time. After you have combined all the ingredients use a whisk or an electronic one to mix everything together. Pour the batter into cupcake holders and place in oven at 375F. Bake for 25 minutes or so or until you see fit.

Walla! Easy fast cupcakes at your service!

For the frosting, I used Betty Crocker’s Creme Deluxe – Vanilla and topped it off with some salted caramel flakes for decoration. It’s great for an added crunch!

This recipe was so fast to make and come up with. Maybe I should be under pressure all the time because this was the best recipe I have made by far. The best part is now you can make cupcakes for work or for your kids class with easy. Enjoy the treat!

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  1. This recipe looked so good, I copied it down. I am going to make it this coming weekend. I thank you so much for the share.

    1. Your welcome, Jerry! Enjoy!

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