How To Make A Simple DIY Family Charging Station

How To Make A Simple DIY Family Charging Station | City of Creative Dreams

When I tell you how simple this project is, it is going to blow your mind. I even sat there saying “Wow this wasn’t so complicated at all” with the added “I wish I thought about this earlier“. With the bookshelf coming along, I thought I would leave a small section for charging our electronics. Everyone seems to just find a spot to charge or leave it into the kitchen but now they can have a go to spot to charge. It is about time.

I bought this file holder from Michaels Craft Store (this year’s guilty pleasure) on sale for $7.19. It is there create storage collection that had me at hello. It was a buy one get one deal that I couldn’t resist. I bought a few other things for my mom that you will see in the bookshelf reveal.

Apart from the awesome price, I love the color, of course, and the design pattern inside. The two sections work perfectly for the project.
Now for the steps. The first thing you want to do is turn it to the side. Take scissors and apply pressure to the middle top and the middle bottom of the file holder. This is where the cords will enter from.

 Have the larger section at the bottom and the smaller section at the top.

Slide an extra cell phone cord you have into the smaller section.

And repeat the same process for your tablet or iPad cord for the larger section. 

Once you plug the rest into an outlet, your devices are ready to charge!

I love how this turned out. We can charge multiple devices at once and know where we are charging at all times. This project is super simple to make. Anyone can do it! So what are you waiting for!

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