5 Tips to Survive Potty Training on the Road

5 Tips to Survive Potty Training on the Road | City of Creative Dreams

So your little one have made it to the end of that potty training journey. It may have been a long time to get there but you guys finally made it and conquered it… at home. Which is fantastic but what about when you have to take that potty training on the road? Then what? I am sharing five tips to help you to survive potty training while you are on the road.

Tip #1 – Potty Before You Leave

Make sure your child potty before he/she leaves the house. That is a must with any and every family even if they are potty trained. It is the worst to finally get everyone into the car and as you start to drive, you hear the dreaded words “I have to use the bathroom” so to be safe potty ahead of time.

Tip #2 – Know Ahead of Time

Know where the bathrooms are. If you know where you are heading such as going to the park or movies or even the grocery store, it is good to be aware of where the bathroom is and if it is a public one. Some stores and parks don’t have a washroom available so knowing where a bathroom is at like the nearest gas station or restaurants.

Tip #3 – Precaution

Have something on the seat of your car or the car seat if you are feeling a little unsure how this experience will turn out. This is good for when your little one is just getting the hang of things. Nothing is worst then having to deal with an accident but having a simple, folded towel can do wonders to keep that car seat from becoming a huge accident zone.

Tip #4 – Limit
The one thing that makes your little one go, go. go is well liquids. Try limiting the amount of juice or water they are drinking especially if you are in an area where you can’t access a bathroom quickly. Some kids are able to hold on until they reach the bathroom so figure out what type your little one and know what their limits are. 
Tip # 5 – Extra

Keep an extra pair of clothes in your bag or in your car. Accidents can happen and sometimes it is just great to have an option at hand just in case something does happen. Better safe than sorry! Also, it is good to have a pull up on for long distance driving if you young one has accidents while sleeping.

Potty training is never easy so keeping the training going on the road will surely keep the progress maintaining strong. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Eventually this will be a story to tell and no longer a journey your standing in.

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