Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to Give Your Baby's Nursery A Stylish Touch

How to Give Your Baby's Nursery A Stylish Touch | City of Creative Dreams

So I may, personally not have a baby in the oven, however, I am no stranger to design and decor. Since this month is practically a baby month, I thought I would share some ideas for you moms-to-be and all mommies looking for some inspiration for this newborn's nursery. Of course, this space is not only for baby but for mommy too. Check out some fabulous decorations and designs with the help of Pinterest to get that creativity engine running.

You can be sure the furniture is very important however, you don't need everything you read in books, you can have everything if that is what you desire but simple and practical is key. I love furniture that can grow with your child and can do more than just one thing like a changing table that is also a dresser or a crib that converts into a toddler and twin bed like the one in Project Nursery.

Need a moment to rock? If you have the space in your nursery, it is good to invest in a rocking chair because you are not going to need just any regular chair for you and your little one, you want one that is comfy, stylish and one that rocks (literally) like this one from Style Me Pretty

No longer settle with basic white, pink or blue. You can take color into your own hands and add patterns or go jet black for a chalkboard theme. Add gold dots, branches and chevron and more! There are tons of ideas out there but even if you want white walls, add color elsewhere or dare to be different like Fawn Over Baby.

Feature Wall
A feature wall always gives the room a focal point and with great creativity you can do just about anything for a feature wall from dots, decals, monogram or a simple change of paint. If you are really going for it, you could try something similar to Project Nursery.

The most important part of the crib is the bedding. As much as the crib bumper and all that fluff are super cute, believe it or not, the only thing that should be inside of the crib is the bed sheet. I think that you should spend more on more fitted bedding sheets than anything. To give the crib a little style you can add pillows in the corner with a stuffed animal similar to Oilo Studio, that way it is easy to take out when needed too.

Wanna give your nursery a spotlight? Lately, changing out your lighting for something pretty fantastic has been trending for a while. You can bet that this is the cherry on top for your nursery with options of simple, glamorous and eye-dazzling like this light fixture from Brit.co.

Unique Mobile
I personally haven't used this for when I had my little man but these have upgraded a ton since the simple Winnie the Pooh ones I remember from a long time ago. Now you can step things up by creating do-it-yourself photo ones, stuffed animals, flowers to brillantly creative like this one from Jake and Tyrell.

These are some ways you can bring a stylish touch to your baby's nursery. Remember the most precious touches are the memories your create in this room, no paint or furniture can ever top that. I hope this bring inspiration and fuels some ideas! You go, mama!

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