Pencil Holder Makeover

Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

While I was spray painting the ceramic vases gold, I couldn’t help myself by grabbing another can. I bought a pencil holder for $0.99 over at Michael’s Craft Store one day. I wasn’t loving the color however, since I had one already in the newly living room bookcase, I thought I would buy this one and spray away that pink. I mean come on, who wouldn’t do the same thing!

It took me about two spraying sessions to finally get it all blue. I used Krylon’s blue stray paint. It does stick to this type of container however to get it completely full of color, it takes at least two tries.

Now it is all ready for the pencils!

I love that it looks as if I had bought it this way. Oh how a little spray paint can go a long way!
The dividers in the middle really help keep things in their own places. You can mix it up with just pens and pencils or you can divide into fours and add scissors or decorative pens. What ever you feel like using it for. It defiantly turned out great and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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