45 Ways to Have An Extraordinary Unique Bachelorette Party

45 Ways to Have An Extraordinary Unique Bachelorette Party | City of Creative Dreams

We have come a long way from your typical bachelorette traditional or should I say non-traditional bachelorette party because of the kinds of things the many bachelorettes before you have experienced. These days many women want to hang out with their girl squad and try something new, explore their city, workout or just getaway and relax.  No matter if you are an into taking a class or into the outdoors, I am sharing 45 Ways to Have An Extraordinary Unique Bachelorette Party.


Have an old fashion Sleepover at your home, a fun scavenger hunt or explore the area around you. There are many things to do in your local neighbourhood or in your city that you may have not even been aware of or you just never had the time to check out such as Museums, Art Galleries, Clubs, Comedy Clubs, Theatres, Concerts, Festivals, Amusement Parks, Bowling and more. There is also a very cool Spy School that you can step into the world of being a bond girl.


These classes are not your sit down and just learn types of classes. You can definitely skip out of the boring and go straight to the fun. Choose from anything from Cooking, Art, Drawing, Makeup, Cocktails, Trapeze, Horseback riding, Burlesque to Archery. What is hot right now is scent parties where you create your own perfumes.

Ready to sweat your dresses off? If you are the type who loves a good workout for fun then look no further you have a ton of options from Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Aerial Silks, Dance to Belly Dancing. I just heard about this Beyonce dancing lessons (Beyography) for if you want to get your inner Beyonce gear on. She is not there herself but you will leave with a hand full of her moves.

Ruffle in the bushes and get out there! If you are the outdoors type of girl who loves nothing but adventure and a good time then you will love the opportunity to go Paintballing, Go Carting, Axe Throwing, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving,  Ziplining, Rockclimbing. Water Rafting, Lazar Tagging and more

Want to do almost nothing and just relax? If you got the money to do it then why not get away. You can Road Trip, go Camping or Glamping, check out a Winery or Wellness Retreat or you could rent a luxury Yacht to relax on the water. There are some of the popular unique activities to do other than a typical spa so stare the endless amount of water or the view from your tent and indulge in relaxation.

If that wasn’t a handful of fantastic ways to have an extraordinary unique bachelorette party then you must want Channing Tatum and a six pack. Either way, you have plenty of ideas to start your party off in the right hands!

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