Last Minute Fun Silly Face Lollipops for Kids Tutorial

Last Minute Fun Silly Face Lollipops for Kids Tutorial | City of Creative Dreams

Since having three siblings, three classrooms, and a full-time job I found this year’s last day of school treats to be a tab bit more difficult. It doesn’t help that my creative mind decided on doing three very different designs and bonus teacher ones but that’s me. For this one, it is very simple to make and create. I honestly did not have to do too much to make these cute, fun silly face lollipops for my littlest sister’s classroom.

After taking some photos of my littlest sister. I used Canva to create to slide the image into a flower design frame then changed the color of the flower design.

After I printed, it was time to cut the images.
Once it was cut, it was time for the lollipops. This time, we bought ours from Walmart for $4.99.

All you really need next is tape. You don’t want to use glue since you want the kids to be able to take off the lollipop and see the image behind.
Fold the piece of tape or buy double sided take and place it onto the back of the lollipop then all you have to do next is place it onto the image.
Now you have yourself a super simple last minute, fun silly face lollipop.

This project was a lifesaver to save time. Believe me, when I say that it was a super easy project to do and it was done very quickly. Of course, it helps that you look like your spent a boat load of time on it. Hope your little ones love their lollipops!

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