Fashion Finds – July Edition

Fashion Finds - July Edition | City of Creative Dreams

With work, shopping has been almost non-existent, however, I did get a chance to go shopping the week before my weekend getaway. I went to my favourite value village… don’t hate until you have gone into the one in the rich areas. I always say those are the best for the fact that rich people donating are like finding awesome treasure… brand clothing at a fraction of the price! So we went as a family because we haven’t seen the re-launched store and found my little man some very cute clothing.

I bought these summer shorts because it was time for some new ones that were actually his size. What is summer without adorable shorts? The navy blue Joe Fresh shorts cost me $1.99, the Cherokee grey shorts cost $1.99 and the Children’s Place shorts were only $3.99! 

It may have been way too hot for sweaters but it before we know it, fall will be fast approaching… at least that is what I told myself to get me into buying these cute sweaters. The Children’s Place light blue sweater cost me $3.99 as well as did the brown GAP sweater and the black Next jacket cost me only $4.24!

Let’s get dressed up in these shades of blue, shall we! These dress shirts cost me $3.99 each. 

 Adding the cherry to the top of these dress shirts with a slick dress jacket ranging from $7-8.
Lastly, dress pants to seal the deal, These dress pants each cost me $2.49 each!
Great shopping trip, I must say, I wish that I bought more. Then again, I may not have any room for any more clothing. Guess it is time to move into something bigger to fit in all of these new clothing.

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