Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue | City of Creative Dreams

I am about to go super gorilla on you! My new obsession is gorilla super glue. I love this product so much that I honestly recommend it to all my customers and now all my readers. I bought this because I had a project of mine, not corporating with just a glue gun and realized I needed something stronger to keep my project from falling apart. It worked out great! One day at work my purse strap broke off before leaving to go out so I bought myself another glue and it fixed instantly. Now I have one at work and one at home. This is honestly the best glue I have ever used. Don’t underestimate it.

This cost me around 6-8.99 at Michael’s Craft Store. Add a coupon on that and you can get it less!

This glue is great on everything. I don’t recommend you use it for paper crafts because this is an extreme glue for things other than paper. There are a lot of strong glues for paper out there and I wouldn’t waste this awesome glue on that. Use it on metal, wood, leather and more. It seriously is strong. It gives off a strong odor that makes your eyes cry a bit so be careful and do not let kids play with this glue.

Overall, I love love love it! Would choose this over any other super glue brand. It has never failed me like the others have and it is truly strong. Think I may keep a secret stash away in my home because I never know when I might need it.

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