How to Create a Inviting Comfortable Shared Kids Bedroom

How to Create a Inviting Comfortable Shared Kids Bedroom | City of Creative Dream

Do you share a bedroom or remember the days when you had to? It could be just for fews days while guests were visiting or you were stuck in the same room with your siblings during the prime of your life. Sharing a bedroom can be very difficult since we all want our own space so finding a solution for your little ones to keep the peace is never necessary for them and for the mental state of the parents. This is not only targeted to twins but for siblings in general who are going to be sharing a bedroom.

It all starts with the beds. If you can master the setup design of the beds then everything will fall into place. So let’s explore the many ideas for the beds in a shared kids bedroom.

Bunk Beds

I get the top bunk! Such a classic line for any kid getting a bunk bed. Who doesn’t want a mini apartment view? I know I do. Bunk beds are a fantastic way to save space in a bedroom but it can also take up too much space if it is not positioned correctly.

Bunk & A Bed
This is a great idea to do if you are worried about what you are going to do when you transition your kids into two separate rooms. Not everyone wants to go through the process of getting a whole new bed. This idea not only saves you money but provides a comfort switching things up a bit with furniture.

Two Beds

Bunk beds are the go to for a shared bedroom but that doesn’t have to be. You can re-position two beds and create a division. I love the style of having an L-Shape bed design, it is a classic spin to having two beds next to each other.

Loft Beds
I love that loft beds make you feel like you drew a line down the middle and you have your own side with your own closet. There is not sharing of the bed or closet but only sharing the bedroom space. It is a great use of space, especially for larger bedrooms.

Why not make a shared space better! Even though you might be sharing a bedroom for a while doesn’t mean that you can make it worth you’re wild. There are many ways to keep the space divided without losing the style or functionality of the bedroom and the ideas above will surely get you on the right track.

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