Top 3 Things Kids Should Know Before Kindergarten

Top 3 Things Kids Should Know Before Kindergarten | City of Creative Dreams

What does my child need to know before kindergarten? This question has been floating through my mind for months now. I am still in shock by the fact that my son is even going to kindergarten this September. I thought I had more time I mean I swear he was born yesterday but no, it is happening soon and even though I am personally not ready I need to make sure that he is ready for his big day.

I hated seeing all these long posts making me feel horrible because my child didn’t know how to do that 100 things listed on what something thinks my child should know how to do before he starts school. Last I checked, school is supposed to be teaching your child some of these things, not us teaching everything before they go.

Potty Trained
That is one thing that is important. Even if your little one is not fully trained they will learn by watching the others get up to go to the bathroom. Accidents can happen but the best thing to do is to have spare clothing in their backpacks. 
Self Independent
Your child should know how to pull on and off clothing before and after the washroom, also able to take off and on his or her shoes and jacket. It is so easy to fall into the habit of doing everything for your child but it doesn’t help when it comes to school. Since you won’t be there, it is good for them to know ahead of time to do these things.

1,2,3’s, A,B,C’s, shapes and colors. Those are basics that your child should know already. Of course, the school will only enhance on that. Another thing he/she should know is their name but also their last name. Knowing their parent’s name is also another importance for if they needed to identify you for any reason they should at least know that mommy’s name is not  only mommy.

Don’t sweat about everything that your little one needs to know because they will learn how. It will happen. It helps that you teach them, yes but remember that kid learn at their own speeds. It also depends on the age that your little one will be going into kindergarten.

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