5 Ways to Being Stylishly Comfortable At Work

5 Ways to Being Stylishly Comfortable At Work | City of Creative Dreams

My friends over at Tommy John are all about the base…. about that base for comfortable men’s underwear plus more which got me thinking what is my personal secrets to being comfortable at work? It is no mystery at all. I love clothing that makes me feel good. It is not all about the latest trends or colors or whole production for me. I wear what I love and that is all that matters to me.

Being professional at work… my job is not as professional as you would think because in my day job I work in retail, however, I do like to present myself in a way that I am semi-causal in what I wear. Being comfortable is very important because I am constantly walking. I am walking to the subway, sometimes I am standing on the train, walking to work then spend eight hours walking up and down escalators, going between three floors and then after all that I have to walk back to the station and walk home = about 17000.0 steps! Talk about a lot steps in my day.

Here is my way of staying super comfy:

5 Ways to Being Stylishly Comfortable At Work | City of Creative Dreams

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1) Finding The Right Shirt

I personally love a soft, flowy shirt and with personality. I love myself a tank top, I can wear those every single day and would be fine, however, at work I am only allowed to wear a t-shirt or a long sleeve. So finding an ultra smooth and comfortable t-shirt is simple. There are fantastic classic t-shirts in silk or cotton that feels great on the skin but nowadays there are also t-shirts that don’t look like your basic pop concert tee but gives you a professional touch with personal style. When I get a little chilly at work I pair it with a long cardigan.
2) Pants That Breath
I have to wear pants that allow my legs to breath. In a perfect world I would wear shorts or jeggings all the time,but since I am stuck in wearing jeans only I had to find some jeans that I love and can work in. It cannot be tight jeans. That is number one, you saw the number of steps I walk, there is no way I would be comfortable if I was wearing tight jeans. Make sure the end of your pants have a little flow. I am not talking about bell bottoms but enough to be able to bend a billion times without worrying that your pants will rip. My number one advice is to wear the softer jeans, it is a lot lighter than the heavier jeans, you don’t want to feel like you are wearing weights all day. 
3) Undergarments That Hug
I don’t usually talk about my undergarments but like everything else, it needs to fit properly. I like to say that is should give you a hug instead of wearing you down or I guess I should say rising up a little too high. You can wear the most comfortable outfit but having two or one undergarments that are irritating you can ruin the entire outfit. Figure out what fabric and style work best for you.
4) Shoes That Remember 
Runners are my go-to because for the reason I am always going to do something. Work is nothing different, I can’t wear anything too fancy when it comes to shoes because it will get ruined but that doesn’t mean that runners can’t be awesome looking as well. I bought myself memory foamed shoes and never looked back. It helps me when I am constantly on my feet and doesn’t leave my feet feeling tired. Now that is a shoe that keeps up with me.
5) Accessories That Don’t Drag

As for accessories… I like to keep it simple. Lately, I haven’t worn anything more than a smart watch and necklace. I was a sucker for huge hoop earrings at one point and then said no more to that. I was getting tired of my son pulling it out of my earlobes. Simple studs would do. Getting to work I love to be hands-free.  I don’t want to have to pick up my purse from sliding off my arm. My bag needs to have space for all my things such as lunch, wallet and whatever else is at the bottom of my bag. My favorite bag is a crossbody bag and a wristlet. It doesn’t matter how big or small. I just love that I have my hands free to do things with no worry.

How about men? I haven’t forgotten you, with the same tips applied I have created another style board to keep men comfy and stylish too:

5 Ways to Being Stylishly Comfortable At Work | City of Creative Dreams

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I shared my personal tips on how to stay comfortable at work, now it is your turn, share your tips with me about how you stay comfortable at work or in everyday life. Do you wear a soft tee, memory foam shoes, comfortable underwear or fabulous sweater? I want to know! 

I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi, follow me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram page or even subscribe. I will do the same! Have a wonderfully creative week!

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