Best Coupon/ Affordable Stores for Back to School Shopping

Best Coupon/ Affordable Stores for Back to School Shopping | City of Creative Dreams

Can’t believe that summer is coming to an end soon and I have to think about back to school shopping already. Luckily for me, I go to the same store every year. I know what stores have the best prices for my budget and I don’t look anywhere else for anything else. I like to keep things as simple as possible since back to school shopping can get a little hectic with the amount of people in the stores and having to drive kids to each store for each sale. I know it can be a handful and not all kids enjoy the constant drive everywhere. However, I put together a list of some of my favourite stores that have the best back to school sales at the most affordable prices. Let’s get shopping!

Best Places to Get Supplies

One thing for sure that is every year we need to get new school supplies. I don’t know what happens during the year but no pencil or pencil crayon is every left in tack to keep for the new year coming up. My go-to place is always Dollarama. It has always been on my list because things are a dollar and most of my siblings are not at the crayon stage anymore. However, Walmart and Staples prices can’t beat. I mean where else can you get a box of crayons (correction Crayola Crayons) for $75 cents!

Now you may be wondering why I added Micheal’s Craft Store to my list. Although they are pretty pricey, they do have some cool sales like BOGO and awesome coupons every week.

Best Places to Get Gear

Backpacks! Backpacks! Backpacks! and of course, you will need a lunch bag too. There are endless amounts of designs for backpacks and more. Plus you have to choose stuff to go inside. It can get a little overwhelming. Our family’s go-to place for gear is Value Village first, if we cannot find anything that suits their style then we go to Walmart.

As for containers and such for the lunch bags I love myself some Reuse It. If there is something I can’t get there then I will go to Dollarama for the rest.

Best Places to Get Clothing & Shoes

Always my go-to is Value Village. Before you get all… eww on me. You have to choose ones in near or in richer areas. Lot’s of time these clothing have barely been worn or not worn at all. After filling up clothing for the school year. Walmart is the place to get for new outfits, especially for the first day of school outfit. For shoes, we tend to go to Payless, if we couldn’t find any at the stores I have mentioned.

What did we learn today? That I love to be thrifty and affordable just like everyone else and also that you can catch me at these stores when I got back to school shopping. I am all ready for it. Now that I know which stores I will be shopping at, I have a list to prepare once again to tag along with me!

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