Goodbyn Small Meal Container for Kids Review

Goodbyn Small Meal Container for Kids Review | City of Creative Dreams

Oh man, it is time to do back to school shopping already! I bought this Goodbyn Goodbyn Small Meal Container with Dipper Lunch Containers for Kids for my son since he is starting kindergarten in September. It only cost me $4.49! I thought I would get it early so that he can get used to it. I didn’t realize how big it was but I think it will work out when it gets into his lunch bag. That is the only thing I am not sure about. I hope it fits!

Not sure if I was tired when I bought this but I could have sworn it was a dark blue. Oh well, at least my son didn’t notice. I love that it has a divider so I can give him his lunch plus a snack without ever needing two containers. 

It also comes with a dipper container on the side for those snacks that need one like salsa or ranch for carrot sticks. It is pretty handy to have it separated just in case you don’t need it all the time. I am sure this is the perfect container for my little one for school. Plus, I love that I can reuse it over and over again. Great for the environment compared to plastic sandwich bags.   

Overall, I love the container, my son loves it, the environment thanks me and the price is perfect. There are no complaints from me! 

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