How to Start a Awesome DIY Child Backpack

How to Start a Awesome DIY Child Backpack | City of Creative Dreams

Back to school time is fast approaching and some of you are thinking…. I want my little one to have a backpack that is different then what every parent is buying at the stores. Then this is for you, you may think that you don’t have the time to make a custom backpack for your little one but truthfully you don’t need to make it in one shot. There are awesome guides out there that will give you the helping have that you need. How do you start?

1) Find Your Guide
I have selected some awesome backpack tutorials that will surely get you on your way. Of course, these are just a pattern that someone else made, you will have to take the time to find your own fabric for this backpack but knowing what you are doing ahead of time is the key.

2) Shop
Now that you have your guide, it is time to get the supplies. You may have places you know that you want to go to such as Fabricland or Michaels Craft Store or a fabric store. Remember that this backpack is for your little one, so allow him/her to have a hand in choosing what fabrics to place on it like if there should be a zipper or even what color the zipper should be. 

3) Time Management
Just like I said in the beginning, you don’t have to create the backpack in one shot. Take things as small as possible. Think about the best time for you to get this backpack done, is it in the evenings when your little one is in bed? It is in the mornings for those who are not going to work? Is it on the weekends?  When you find your time then you can focus.
4) Bonding Time
Make this not just your project but a project that you and your little one can bond over. Your little one will never forget that you and him/her spent some of the summer creating this one of a kind backpack that no one in class will have. Your little one will adore the fact that she helped create it by choosing the fabric or iron on patches for this backpack.

No matter what guide you have chosen or the amount of time that it took to create it, remember that you will always have this to look back to remember. Was it a little time consuming compared to buying it at the store? Yes, but was it worth it! 100%! Enjoy the fun!

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  1. That world map backpack is so original, and looks cool to boot!

    1. I completely agree! Thanks for stopping by!

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